9 Reasons To Be Excited To Cruise on the Regal Princess

9 reasons to be excited to cruise on the regal princess

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Great things about cruising on the Regal Princess

I recently booked a cruise on the Regal Princess and I am genuinely super excited – and I think you will be too!

I have cruised with Princess several times, but this will be my first time sailing on the Royal class. I figured if I wanted to know all about the Regal Princess (before sailing), there’s a good chance others will too.

I have done a few cruises with Princess, and I can attest to the fact that we always feel comfortable on Princess and have enjoyed every one. We’ve cruised on the Caribbean Princess, Emerald and Crown (more than once).

Fun fact: The Crown Princess is actually one of my very favorite cruise ships. When you intimately know the layout of the ship and all its “secrets” it kind of feels like coming home, which is a great feeling!

But trying a NEW SHIP – ooohhh there is some excitement and mystery to this.

I’ve been spending the last few days scouring the internet for best Regal Princess cruise tips – the must do’s, must see’s and must eats ;-). I’ve been chatting with friends, clients and Facebook acquaintances gleaning all the info so I can bring it all right back here.

The feedback has been so good, that I knew this information just had to be put down in writing, to help any new Regal Princess cruisers.
regal princess9 Reasons To Be Excited To Cruise on the Regal Princess

1. The Regal Princess is a gorgeous ship – check out the Piazza

As soon as you google images of the Regal Princess, you can see that she is a true beauty. I happen to love the Piazza concept (the atrium on Princess Cruises), but this ship takes it to another level. The largest and most grand of the Princess fleet, this atrium is simply stunning – glitzy and elegant all at once!

The Piazza is the central hub of the interior of the ship, housing bars, casual restaurants and shops. It’s also a great place to see some live entertainment and hang out and relax a bit.

Now, I’ve cruised with Princess before, so I know that the Piazza often has some musicians playing and some demonstrations going on. However, this is definitely the most beautiful atrium I’ve ever seen, so I’m looking forward to experiencing it all first hand.

9 Reasons I'm excited to cruise on the Regal Princess

Isn’t she gorgeous? (photo credit Princess Cruises)

2. The Seawalk

The Seawalk is a sort of walkway on either side of the main pool area. However, what makes it striking is that the floor is made of glass. 16 stories over the ocean and we will be walking on glass!!

Will I take the “Seawalk challenge”? Is that even a thing? I feel like it should be!

I actually don’t love heights. However, this see-through glass walkway, cantilevered off the side of the ship looks completely safe, while making for a great photo op. Bets are, that I’ll do it.

Plus, there’s a bar in there. Yes, the Seawalk Bar is off to the side of the pool on the Lido Deck (I haven’t been yet, so this is my understanding). Do you want to meet me there? Let’s do it 😉

Make sure you take a photo on the beautiful Seawalk (photo credit Princess Cruises)

3. The Retreat Pool

I love a good adult-only pool, and this one looks heavenly. I have seen some photos and videos, and it appears spacious and uncrowded, and those cabanas – so pretty! Being honest I probably won’t spend money to rent the private cabanas, but they are eye candy just the same.

why I'm excited to cruise on Regal Princess
I wish I had my own photo, but you get the idea  (photo credit Princess Cruises)

4. The Fountain Pool and Show

This raised platform on the main pool deck looks like it would be pretty nice during the day, however at night – BIG WOW! The bright colors set against the darkest sky and sea. The Regal Princess has fountain shows at night that look incredible. This one is worth watching (see below and click play).

From the addition of music and the use of the MUTS big screen imagery, I’ll need to drag myself away from the Seawalk Bar, but I think it will be worth it!

5. Alfredo’s Pizzeria

I already really like the Princess Pizza available outdoors at the pool deck. So, when I heard that the Regal Princess has a sit down casual Italian restaurant right in the Atrium, I was very happy. It is also included, so there is no extra charge.

Rumor has it that the salads and calzones are fantastic. I’ve also been told that I must have the sangria as well. I will be trying and reporting from the ship in a few weeks, so follow me on the Life Well Cruised Facebook Page for my honest opinion. I may even have that as my first lunch on board, so as to avoid the buffet, but we’ll see.


We have gone to Alfredo’s (too many times) and it was delicious. Here is a review with photos and the menus: Princess Cruises Alfredo’s Pizzeria – the Best Pizza at Sea

6. The International Cafe

Although the International Cafe can be found on other Princess Cruise Ships, it just wouldn’t be fair to new cruisers if I didn’t mention it. The International Cafe is on the first floor of the Piazza. It’s a great place to pick up something quick and delicious in the morning, such as donuts and pastries, a breakfast egg sandwich or a yogurt parfait.

There’s also tasty lunch sandwich options (my absolute fave is the tomato and mozzarella panini) and great snacks and desserts as the evening rolls along. It’s really good!

I’m mentioning this as on each sailing, we will meet people several days into the cruise, that still haven’t realized that the International Cafe foods are included. It’s really a nice casual option, so do give it a try.

Tip: Coffees and teas are not included in the International Cafe, however you may purchase a specialty coffee package.

9 reasons to be excited to cruise on the regal Princess
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7. Bellini’s Bar on Regal Princess

I definitely want to try this bar for the location alone. Bellini’s is located on Deck 6, the second floor of the grand 3 story Piazza. It looks so elegant and it may just have the best view in the house!

A Bellini, is typically a drink made with Prosecco combined with a peach puree. However, according to menus I’ve found online, there are many creative variations to choose from.

Usually, when cruising with Princess, I’m a big fan of the Crooner’s Martini Bar. My husband and I will spend some time (and money) hanging out there having a Milky Way (me) and Lemontini (him). I’m wondering if I’ll even like a Bellini, but I’m willing to give it a try ;-).

why I am excited to cruise on teh Regal Princess
Martini’s at Crooners – btw, those little nut snacks are amazing!!

8. The Balloon Drop

One of my favorite parts of cruising with Princess, has always been the Balloon Drop. We’ve actually experienced this twice on New Year’s Eve, including last year when we did a large family cruise for my parent’s 50th Anniversary. I love the lighthearted and festive atmosphere that we always find when we cruise with Princess.

Now, the Regal Princess has a much larger Piazza than we’ve experienced in the past. I wonder if it will be better (less crowded), or if it will take away from the intimacy of the venue? I’ll have to let you know, but I am excited to find out!

Why I'm excited to cruise on Regal Princess
A Balloon Drop on Princess Cruises is always a highlight for me!

9. The Love Boat Nostalgia

Did you know that The Love Boat Cast actually christened the Regal Princess? 6 members of the Love Boat Cast are the Godparents of this ship. This came about as the cruise line was celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Along with this, some nostalgic Love Boat elements were brought in to the cruise line, highlighting its strong connection. I for one, love it! And many cruisers do too. After all, The Love Boat reminds us of romance on the high seas, friendship, adventure and perhaps a simpler time of enjoyment and relaxation.

Don’t worry, its not over-run with Love Boat paraphernalia (at all!). But, you can watch episodes of The Love Boat in your cabin. When I cruised on the Crown Princess last year there was also a Love Boat Disco Deck Party. I actually have an embarrassing  video of me disco line dancing (which I did not share, lol).

Here’s the Love Boat theme song for your enjoyment 🙂 “The Love Boat, soon will be making another run…”

Recap: The 9 Reasons to be excited to cruise on the Regal Princess

These are the main reasons that stand out as to what I think looks pretty amazing on the Regal Princess, however I’m sure once on board, I’m going to find some extra surprises that I’ll enjoy.

Some things I am intrigued by and may try out include the Winemaker’s Dinner. My understanding is that this intimate dining experience, can be booked on board. I will keep an option to reserve this for a special night if we can.

I’ve also had strong recommendations to attend the Afternoon Tea served in the main dining-room. In our many years of cruising, I have not yet gone for tea and scones. Although it sounds delicious, I am usually a “nachos and salsa” kind of girl, hanging out at the pool in the afternoon. We’ll see if that changes this cruise. You never know.

I can see there will be no shortage of good food on this cruise! I think I’ll be checking out the gym and running up and down the stairs to minimize the damage. Hmmm, fitness center, jogging track, spa? I’ll have to check that out.

Finally, MUTS (Movies Under the Stars). I may just check out a movie one night on the big outdoor screen, sitting under a blanket with popcorn. I think it’s a pretty cool option to have, but haven’t done this in many years.

9 reasons you will love Regal Princess
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Here is our review (spoiler alert – a great cruise): Regal Princess Cruise Review; A Back to Back Holiday Sailing

Have you cruised on the Regal Princess or are you planning to soon? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!

Ilana xoxo

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  1. 001235813
    November 20, 2018 / 4:57 am

    The Regal is my favorite cruise ship. Crooners is where we generally end our evening. We love the International Cafe for lunch. Breakfast can be in our cabin, at the buffet or in the dining room. Just hanging out at our balcony or on the pool deck is great. I love the shows. We are usually as close to front row center as we can be. If they have the “flare bartenders” the sea walk bar is fabulous. If not, it’s still pretty good. The last time we were on the Regal, I was recovering from breast cancer treatments and my wonderful daughter treated me to a behind the scenes tour. All I can say is “Do it.” Not only do you see the inner workings of the ship, but you get great gifts. I got pictures from our tour, personalized stationary, champagne and nibbles on the BRIDGE with the Commodore of the fleet, but my favorite was, a deluxe Princess bath robe. The wine tastings are awesome. If you like fine wine this is well worth the price. If all I do on my cruise is hang out poolside and eat it will still be better than the incessant phones, emails, faxes and corporate garbage I deal with daily.

    • November 21, 2018 / 1:25 am

      Thanks for leaving this super comment. I am so happy to read all your amazing tips! The Seawalk Bar with its Flare Bartenders sound like my kind of place, lol!

      What a wonderful way for you to rejoice after your treatments and enjoy all the ship has to offer. Your daughter sounds lovely and thoughtful! I’ll definitely keep the behind the scenes tour in mind. Keep a lookout for more thorough reviews after Dec 23.

      All the best,


  2. November 21, 2018 / 4:40 am

    Wow, this ship looks super elegant! So golden and shiny! I definitely need to do a cruise someday. I imagine it’s like a whole new world being on one of those cruise ships!

    • November 22, 2018 / 2:01 am

      Hi Crystal,

      You absolutely must do a cruise one day soon, especially when you feel a like you need to really get away and maybe have a bit of pampering, lol. I know we were hooked by day 2 of our first cruise ;-).

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  3. Amy Clark
    March 9, 2019 / 8:34 pm

    We are scheduled to sail this fall on the Regal Princess to Canada/New England. Can’t wait to check it all out!

    • March 10, 2019 / 4:21 pm

      Oh beautiful ship to do this itinerary! Please let me know how you like it.

      Have a great cruise!


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