4 New Cruise Passenger Travel Guidelines, Best Practices and Recommendations

New Cruise Passenger Guidelines, recommendations and best practices

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As cruise lines have begun sharing new cruise health guidelines in order to prepare for when cruises resume, they’ve also added some cruise passenger travel guidelines that we should be aware of.

While these guest recommendations can be found in Princess Cruises updated Cruise with Confidence program, this gives us a good indication of the direction we can expect from the major cruiselines.

The cruise guest preparations, best practices and recommendations are important information, for when we get back to cruising.

Cruise Guest Travel Guidelines and Recommendations

Cruise travel guidelines - Travelers in Venice DP

1. Pack 14 days of extra medication

In the information from Princess Cruises, cruise travelers are encouraged to pack an additional 14 days of medication in case of emergencies or travel delays. 

While this is something we may not have thought necessary before, in light of recent situations both on cruise ships and when travelers around the world were delayed returning home, this is prudent and good advice.

For prescription medication, remember to bring a list of the names of medications, and their dosage and strength.

Tip: Ask your pharmacy to print out a list of your prescription medications and dosages. Make a copy to keep with your important travel documents, and take a photo to keep on your phone for easy reference, or have it in an email.

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First aid travel kit/Over the counter medications

While the cruise line does not specify this, it’s always a good idea to bring extra over the counter medication and basic first aid items as well. We do this for every trip, as you never know when it’s difficult to get to a store for pain reliever, cold medicine or antibiotic cream, etc. 

Preparing a first aid cruise travel kit?

Here’s a list of items to pack: 31 Cruise First Aid Kit Essentials You Need to Have

2. Emergency contact information

Princess Cruises stresses that all cruise passengers should make sure to enter a valid emergency contact with a phone number in their cruise personalizer.

This is something that all cruise passengers must already do as part of our online check in, so it’s actually not a new recommendation. However, perhaps this is not something that everyone has always done.

If someone else is completing your online check in for you, such as your travel agent or a family member, make sure that they have this information.

New and Important cruise passenger guidelines and recommendations
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3. Cell phone service and plans

A new recommendation from the cruise line is to purchase a mobile phone plan (with voice and data) when you are traveling. 

The days of relying on finding free wifi as we travel and avoiding purchasing a cell phone plan are probably over. In reality, international cell phone plans aren’t as expensive as they once were.

We’ve found plans for only a few dollars a day, and when we consider the convenience and safety, it’s well worth it.

Being reachable should travel arrangements change, and/or to keep in contact is important.

4. Travel insurance

Having travel insurance for all the things we just can’t plan for is important. From emergency medical interventions to flight delays and cancellations, having adequate travel insurance will give you peace of mind. A “cancel for any reason” travel protection plan might also be considered.

Your insurance options – 2 options you have for travel protection are 1. the cruise line insurance, such as Princess Vacation Protection and 2. A 3rd party insurance company

Tip: When choosing travel insurance, make sure to evaluate the medical coverage as well as what the insurance covers in case of travel disruption.

Watch the *NEW* Cruise Health Guidelines and what this means for cruisers in this video below


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Recap: Cruise Travel Guidelines, Best Practices and Recommendations

I’m a big believer in the idea that from each bad situation there can be positive. In this situation, cruise lines have learned from the experiences of the past few months, and are making adjustments and changes where needed.

The cruise travel guidelines and recommendations for cruisers are an extension of this. We, as cruisers, will also now be better prepared when traveling, and this will be a good thing.

What other “best practices” or travel suggestions do you have for when we cruise again? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy future cruising!!

Ilana xoxo

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