25 Surprising Things Guest Services Can Do for You on a Cruise

Things you can ask guest services for on a cruise ship

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When you’re on a cruise, your ship and cabin will become your home away from home. Knowing the little and big things that Guest Services can do for you can make your cruise even better.

In our experience, the staff on cruise ships are pretty amazing and services will often be more attentive than what you might find at an average hotel. In fact, many of the examples shared in this blog post came from other cruisers in the Life Well Cruised community, who had some interesting experiences to share.

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Here are 25 surprising things Guest Services can assist you with during your voyage:

1. Set Up Internet on Your Phone

Sometimes there’s a long line at the internet help desk. Guest Services can often help you set up your internet or assist with any issues with the cruise line app.

2. Borrow a Phone Charger

Forgot your phone charger? Guest Services may be able to lend you one until you reach a port where you can buy a replacement.

3. Ask for a Fan

If your cabin feels stuffy and warm, you may be able to request a fan from guest services or your cabin attendant. Cruise ships may have a few to spare.

That said, if you know that you may need a small portable fan or white noise machine, it’s best to bring that from home as quantities are likely limited.

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4. Get Tip Envelopes

If you want to tip any of the crew extra, Guest Services usually has envelopes readily available.

5. Ask for a Pocket Size Folded Map

Guest Services often provides small, handy maps of the cruise ship to help you navigate. I really like to have these on embarkation day as I’m exploring a new cruise ship.

6. Change Your Cabin

If you have issues with your cabin, such as noise, let Guest Services know. While not guaranteed, they may be able to help find a solution, such as relocating you to another available cabin.

7. Fix a Problem in Your Cabin

From air conditioning issues to noisy doors, Guest Services can arrange for quick repairs to make your stay more comfortable.

One mistake too many cruisers make is living with problems in their cabins, when there are plumbers, electricians and other workers on the ship that can fix more than you could imagine!

8. Pick Up Seasickness Medication

It’s alwasy good to be prepared for potential rough seas on a cruise. However, if you forgot to bring your seasickness remedies with you and are feeling seasick, Guest Services might be able to help.

On some cruise ships, Guest Services may have free over the counter medication available or they may direct you to the medical center. It’s always worth asking.

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9. Get Ear Plugs

Need a quieter night’s sleep? Some cruise lines provide earplugs through Guest Services.

10. Exchange Money Onboard

If you need a different currency, Guest Services may offer exchange services. Check availability as this can differ by cruise line.

11. Ask for Extra Chairs

If you have a spacious balcony, you may be able to request additional lounge chairs to enhance your relaxation space. Many cruisers shared that they asked their cabin steward for additional deck chairs (provided their is space) and were successful.

12. Remove Furniture from Your Cabin

Often times, small sofa tables can be in the way in smaller cruise ship cabins. If you need more space, you can ask to have small furniture pieces removed from your cabin.

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13. Ask for Special Medical Coolers

For medication that requires refrigeration, Guest Services or your cabin steward can provide special coolers to ensure proper storage if needed.

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14. Punch a Hole in Your Cruise Card

While less common than in the past, on some cruise ships Guest Services can punch a hole in your cruise card for a lanyard. Unfortunately this does not work with all cards due to magnetic strips.

Recommended – if you’re not sure how to carry your key card during your cruise, I do have a couple of suggestions that work well. I like this cruise card lanyard with a clip and this card holder pouch that adheres to a cell phone case.

15. Get Your Luggage Fixed

If your luggage gets damaged upon embarkation, Guest Services can often arrange for minor repairs, such as fixing zippers or wheels.

16. Shoe Repair

While this is a rare one, we’ve heard from cruise passengers who’ve shared that they were surprised to find that Guest Services was able to help in this situation. From dress shoes to sneakers, Guest Services can sometimes arrange for shoe repairs if you encounter problems onboard.

17. Fill Out a Complaint Form

If you have a complaint, Guest Services is your first stop. They’ll try to resolve the issue and have you fill out a report if necessary.

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18. Ask for Hypoallergenic Pillows

If you have allergies, request hypoallergenic pillows. It’s best to note this when booking, but your cabin steward or a phone call to Guest Services can help when you’re onboard.

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19. Borrow an Extension Cord

If you need an extension cord for devices like a CPAP machine, cruise ship crew can often lend you one as they are usually prohibited to bring onboard.

25 Surprising Things Guest Services Can Do for You on a Cruise
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20. Have Something Printed

Need to print documents? On a recent cruise I needed to print and sign forms sent by email. I was pleased to find out that the guest service’s staff were able to print what I needed.

21. Ask for a Mattress Topper

For a softer bed, request a mattress topper or additional blankets from your cabin attendant directly or through the passenger services number.

22. Mail a Postcard

You can often mail postcards directly from the cruise ship by dropping them off at Guest Services.

23. Borrow a Pen

Forgot to bring a pen? If you need to fill out luggage tags or forms, you can borrow a pen from Guest Services.

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24. Borrow a Heating Pad

On some cruise lines like Disney, people have reported being able to borrow a heating pad (with a deposit).

25. Pick Up a Deck of Cards

Some cruise lines provide decks of cards through Guest Services or the casino, though availability may vary.

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Final Thoughts and Tips

Guest Services staff work long hours and handle many requests, but they almost always go the extra mile to enhance your cruise experience. When requesting services, remember to be polite and patient.

Keep in mind as well that each cruise ship is different. While you can always ask, it’s important to be understanding about what solutions may be available.

If you have more experiences or tips, please share them in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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