25 Genius Travel Gadgets & Tech Items to Bring on a Cruise [Updated 2024]

travel gadgets to bring on a cruise

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In recent years, cruises and cruisers have become more tech friendly. Cruise line apps and other onboard technology is now a big part of cruising.

Of course, you don’t need a smart phone and electronic items to cruise, but they sure can add convenience! Beyond this, there are some cool travel gadgets that could add to your cruise experience.

In this post, you’ll find 15 cool travel gadgets and tech accessories that might be a great addition to your cruise packing list! I’ve included some new ones we’ve been using this year.

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Tech Items to Pack for a Cruise

1. Electronics & Cables Organizer Travel Case

This electronics organizer case is a favorite cruise packing accessory. Keep all your chargers, cables and wires in organized conveniently one place.

Recommended: Electronics cable organizer case (see color options & Amazon reviews here)

2. IWalk Phone Charger

This portable iWalk phone charger is the most convenient one for charging my iPhone when we are on the go. It’s lightweight and doesn’t need any additional cords or wires.

iWALK USB-C Portable Charger for iPhone 15: Mini 20W 4800mAh wireless Power Bank Fast Charging Travel Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone 15 Plus/15 Pro/15 Pro Max/iPad/AirPods Andriod Phone Samsung

Recommended: iWalk phone charger (check price & 4.5* reviews here)

3. Hands Free Phone Holder

Perfect for flights! This hands free phone holder is a super useful travel gadget that you can even use at home to prop up your phone, from anywhere!  

Recommended: Hands free phone holder (see 6000+ 4.5 star Amazon reviews)

4. Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter for Flights

This wireless transmitter for airplanes supports up to 2 AirPods/headphones. In addition to the airplane, this bluetooth transmitter can be used at home and in the car as well.

Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver,2-in-1 V5.3 Wireless Transmitter for Airplane,TV,PC,Gym,Switch. Supports up to 2 AirPods/Headphones. Bluetooth Receiver for Car/Home Stereo,with AptX Low Latency & HD

Recommended: Wireless in flight transmitter

5. Kindle

An amazing item to have on a cruise, this Kindle Paperweight is waterproof so you can read while relaxing in the pool or hot tub on the lido deck!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB) – With auto-adjusting front light, wireless charging, 6.8“ display, and up to 10 weeks of battery life– Without Lockscreen Ads – Denim

Check out: Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans – First 30 days free  

Recommended: Kindle Paperweight (see Amazon reviews & check pricing here)

6. Bluetooth Earbuds

Whether you’re working out at the gym or listening to music or a podcast on the pool deck, make sure to bring along some wireless earbuds. These are inexpensive but work great, which is perfect to take on a cruise or to the beach.

Recommended: Bluetooth wireless earbuds (see price & 4000+ 4.5* Amazon reviews here)

Audible Plus

Have you tried the Audible Plus Free Trial (30 days)? You can download thousands of audiobooks, documentaries and podcasts. You can find more info here.  

7. Cruise Power Bar

A non-surge protected power bar is a must-have cruise item. Cruise cabins just don’t have enough electric and USB outlets for all our devices. This power bar is highly rated and one I highly recommend.  

Recommended: Non-surge protected power bar (see 4000+ excellent Amazon reviews)

8. No Surge Cruise Power Cube (with USB-C & USB-A)

This multi-plug power strip cube is a space saver! I bring this for hotel stays as well as to use on a cruise, as it is non-surge protected and includes 3 electric outlets and 3 USB-C and USB-A outlets.

Cruise Approved Power Strip Non Surge [6 Outlets] 2 USB-A, 1 USB-C, & 3 AC Outlet for Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, Norwegian, Holland America, MSC, Virgin Voyages & Major Cruise Lines in 2024 & 2025

Recommended: Non surge power strip cube (check price & over 1000 5* amazon reviews)

9. Air Tags

A travel essential these days are Apple Air Tags (or Tile Mates bluetooth trackers). If you are flying to your cruise port, they are probably a must have cruise item! However, even for those that drive, putting an Air Tag in your luggage can help you to quickly locate it on embarkation day, and disembarkation day

Recommended: Apple Air Tags (a set of 4 can be used to tag all your items)

10. Passport Holder with Air Tag

I recently saw this passport holder with airtag suggested in a travel YouTube video and I immediately thouight how this could be a life saver! I

Imagine misplacing a passport while traveling (simply putting it down or even leaving it a cabin safe). This is surely to be a travel accessory that we’ll be seeing this year.

Airtag Passport Holder Cover Wallet RFID Blocking Leather Case Travel Essentials Luggage Accessories Travel Must Have(118#Pink)

Recommended: Passport holder with air tag

11. Waterproof Smartphone Case

A waterproof phone case is a must-have cruise essential! Of course it’s convenient while on the cruise ship, but even more so on shore excursions and beach day outings. The phone case seals to keep both water and sun out, plus you can store your ID and cash in it as well.  

Recommended: Waterproof phone case (touchscreen & neckstrap)

12. Laptop Backpack with Built in Phone Charger

If you’re bringing a laptop with you on your cruise, this anti-theft backpack is so useful and convenient. We’ve used this backpack, which includes a built in charger, and carried it on embarkation day. We also brought it on tours and used it to carry our gear, including a go-pro and accessories.

Recommended: Anti-theft travel laptop bag with charging port (check price & over 40,000 Amazon reviews)

13. Money Belt Passport Holder

While not a tech item, this travel item is too useful not to be included. If you are heading on a Mediterranean cruise, or travelling anywhere where you wan to keep your passport and money safe, this money belt passport holder is perfect.

Recommended: Money belt passport holder (RFID blocking)

14. Bluetooth Tripod Selfie Stick

Take amazing photos and videos with this Bluetooth tripod and selfie stick. The Bluetooth remote means you can be in every photo that you want and have it timed perfectly!  

Recommended: Bluetooth Tripod Selfie Stick (check for compatibility with your smart phone)

15. Go Pro and Floating Hand Grip

If you want to take some great action or underwater videos, or even just amazing videos on your cruise ship, this Go Pro is pretty cool. Don’t forget to get the floating hand grip for beach and snorkeling excursions.  

Recommended: Go Pro (camera & accessories)

16. Insta 360

This Insta 360 kit is the ultimate gift for Dad’s who are into photography and video. Along with a drone like 360 view, it has a very cool invisible stick, which is what helps to create these amazing shots!

Insta360 X3 Bullet Time Kit - 360 Action Camera with 5.7K 360 Active HDR Video, 4K Single-Lens Camera, Waterproof, FlowState Stabilization, 2.29' Touchscreen, AI Editing, for Motorcycle, Wintersports

Recommended: Insta 360 kit

17. Portable Charger with Built in Cables

This portable phone charger might be the most convenient one I’ve found, as it has built in cables and is compatible with iPhones, Samsung, Google and more.

Portable Charger with Built in Cables, Portable Charger with Cords Wires Slim 10000mAh Travel Battery Pack 6 Outputs 3 Inputs 3A Fast Charging Power Bank for Samsung Google Pixel LG Moto iPhone iPad

Recommended: Portable charger with built in cables (check price & read 20,000+ amazon reviews

18. Waterproof Digital Underwater Camera

A less expensive alternative to a Go Pro, this waterproof underwater camera takes great photos and videos. Great for snorkeling excursions, it can also make a great gift for the cruiser in your life.  

Recommended: Waterproof digital underwater camera (check price on Amazon)

19. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker 

Have your own music in your cabin or at Sailaway on your cruise. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a favorite beach essential too!  

Recommended: JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (see 40,000+ 5* reviews)

20. Water Resistant Watch

Having a an inexpensive digital watch is a good idea on a cruise, and especially useful for cruise port days. This affordable sportswatch is waterproof and shows the time brightly in the dark (good for inside cabins).  

Recommended: Digital water resistant watch (check pricing and Amazon reviews here)

21. Travel Binoculars

While not a high tech item, binoculars are a travel gadget that is great to bring on cruises. If you’re cruising to Alaska, it should definitely be on your cruise packing list.

Recommended: Waterproof travel binoculars (verify price on Amazon here)

22. Binoculars with Phone Adapter

This pair of travel binoculars (with phone adapter) is both compact and high powered, perfect for cruise vacations.

Adorrgon 12x42 HD Binoculars for Adults High Powered with Phone Adapter, Tripod and Tripod Adapter - Large View Binoculars with Clear Low Light Vision - Binoculars for Bird Watching Cruise Travel

As a second option, these binoculars are larger with a large view eyepiece.

Recommended: Option 1: travel binoculars (with phone adapter) Option 2: elarge eyepiece binoculars with phone adapter

23. Digital Luggage Scale

This lightweight electronic luggage scale is perfect to use at home or bring with you when you travel. Never struggle with overweight luggage again!

Etekcity Luggage Scale, Travel Essentials, Digital Suitcase Weight Scales for Travel Accessories, Hanging Baggage Scale with Temperature Sensor, Rubber Paint, 110 Pounds, Battery Included,Grey

Recommended: Digital luggage scale (battery included)

24. Trtl Travel and Airplane Pillow

The trtl travel and airplane pillow has neck support for a better on flight sleep experience. Those who love it swear that this neck pillow is a genius product!

trtl Travel and Airplane Pillow - Real Sleeping Experience on Long Flights - Neck and Shoulder Support - Super-Soft, Lightweight, Easy-to-Carry, and Machine-Washable Flight Pillow - Grey

Recommended: trtl travel pillow

25. Travel Cup Holder Caddy

This genius item will make walking through the airport or cruise terminal so much easier! The travel cup holder caddy become a must-have travel accessory for travelers!  

Recommended: Travel cup holder caddy (check price & 2500+ Amazon reviews here)

Best Selling Cruise Accessories: 

These are some of the most recommended and popular cruise accessories – I personally use them as well.

Packing cubes – They really just make packing and unpacking easier, and nothing will make you feel more organized for your cruise (or any type travel)

Reusable luggage tags– It’s a good idea to buy luggage tags before you cruise.

You’ll simply slip the printed luggage tags (from your cruise line) into the durable plastic sleeves and attach them to each suitcase.

Make sure to check this link to find the tags for your specific cruise line.

Magnet hooks – Did you know that cruise cabin walls are metal? This is why magnet hooks are a top recommendation by avid cruisers to add extra hooks and storage to your stateroom.

Bonine (seasickness meds) – Make sure to bring along your favorite non drowsy motion sickness medication. Personally, I find Bonine to be very effective without negative side effects (for my family).

Power bar (non-surge cruise approved) *Very important* Inevitably you’ll need more electric outlets and USB outlets on your cruise. Do not bring a power strip from home as it is prohibited and will be confiscated. Instead, pack a cruise approved power bar (see details here)

Travel Gadgets Useful Tech Items for a Cruise
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Final thoughts: Best Travel Gadgets to Bring on a Cruise

If you’re going on a cruise, some of these cool travel gadgets and cruise accessories can be add convenience to your vacation. In fact, these tech items can even make some things on your cruise more enjoyable.

Which tech items do you bring on a cruise, or would you consider in the future? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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