50 Best Gifts for Cruisers 2021 (that are unique & practical)

50 Best Gifts for Cruise Travelers

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Perfect Cruise Gift Ideas for Cruise Lovers this Holiday Season

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas for the cruiser in your life, this list of 50 cruise items includes both fun and practical ideas. This cruise travel gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for your cruise loving friends and family.

Things that remind us of cruising

Have you seen 2020? It definitely hasn’t been the “year of cruising”.

This got me thinking… we just have to make every cruise lover’s dream come true this holiday season. This year, don’t feel bad if you need to treat yourself just a little ;-). 

While nothing can replace going on an actual cruise, at least we can help our cruise friends be better prepared for a future cruise with awesome cruise accessories and other fun travel related items. 

If you or your friends are suffering from serious wanderlust right now, this cruise gift list includes unique travel gifts that you’ll get excited over and be proud to give! Plus, they’re all available on Amazon so you can conveniently shop online.


50 best gifts for cruisers 2021
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50 Best Cruise Gift Ideas for Cruise Travelers

In this cruise gift guide you’ll find popular cruise accessories, travel related items, fun cruise t-shirts, masks and other novelty items. If you have additional suggestions of great gifts for cruisers, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post.

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Back to the cruise travel item list, that are favorites any time of year, but especially as we get closer to the holiday season.

Free 30 day Trial Amazon Prime (amazon link)

Best Cruise Accessories for 2021

Some of the most practical and useful gifts are cruise accessories and helpful packing items. These popular essentials are well loved by cruise travelers everywhere!

However, for the cruise traveler who has everything, I’ve included some unique travel gift ideas as well!

1. Hanging Cabin Organizer

Cruisers swear by the hanging organizer for toiletries and other essentials on a cruise. 


Recommended: Hanging cabin organizer (see Amazon link for price & details)

2. Magnetic cabin hooks

I personally recommend these magnetic cabin hooks. When we used them in our cabin on our last cruise, they freed up space in the closet (and on chairs). The small hooks are “heavy duty” so they can hold the weight of a backpack or sweatshirt, but also are a good place to store sunhats and hang bathing suits to dry.


Recommended: 6 pack Magnetic Hooks 

3. Waterproof Dry Bag

This waterproof dry bag is perfect for active cruisers. This best-selling Amazon items comes in a several sizes and colors.

Recommended: Floating waterproof dry bag (verify price on Amazon)

50 awesome holiday gifts for cruise travelers
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4. Cute Towel Clips

These fun towel clips are great to keep towels put on a breezy sea day or at the beach. They make a great little cruise gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays.

Recommended: Towel clips – variety available (flamingos, margaritas, flip-flops)

5. Portable lock-box safe – perfect for beach outings

Cruisers often wonder where they can put valuables and identification when on excursions or hanging out on the beach. This item is fairly new and a cruise traveler’s favorite!


Recommended: Portable lock box safe (check reviews on Amazon)

50 best gifts for cruisers
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6. Cruise Approved Power Bar or Cube

This multi outlet cube is a real space saver and absolute essential for cruising and traveling. In contrast to larger power bars, this “cube” is perfect if you’re trying to pack light for a cruise (as it’s so small). Yet it still has 3 electric outlets and 3 USB Ports!!


Tip: Cruise lines don’t allow power bars from home with extension cords, so make sure to pack one like this which is “cruise approved”.

Recommended: Cruise power cube (check price here on Amazon)

7. Poo-Pourri (air freshesher/bathroom spray)

This one is well loved and not talked about that often. However, it’s definitely one of the most popular Amazon cruise products being ordered.

Recommended: Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Bottle (verify Amazon price HERE)

8. Cabin alarm clock

If you like to know the time during the night or don’t want to rely on your cell phone, consider a simple travel battery operated clock. A lot of cruisers swear this is one of their favorite cruise accessories.

Recommended: Digital Travel Alarm Clock (battery powered with a light)

9. Cabin Nightlight

This portable nightlight is so practical and makes a great gift for cruisers. This is especially handy for inside cabins, which will be pitch black when the lights are off.


Recommended: Battery operated nighlight

10. Small Travel Fan

Cruise cabins can get stuffy. This small fan is battery operated, but rechargeable, and gets great reviews on Amazon.

Recommended: Portable Travel Mini Fan

11. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are fabulous for cruises. Consider getting at least 2 sets with different sizes, and color code to keep better organized.

Recommended: 5 star rated Packing Cubes

Read more: The Pros and Cons of Packing Cubes for Cruise Vacations

50 Best Cruise Accessories and gifts
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12. Hanging toiletry bag

This hanging toiletry bag and organizer makes it so easy to unpack the necessities on a cruise!


Recommended: Hanging toiletry bag (over 1300 4.5* ratings on Amazon)

13. Cruise staff thank-you cards

Even if you’ve never used thank you cards before, this may be the time to say a very big thank you to your favorite crew members!

Recommended: Cruise staff thank you cards 

14. Seabands

Seabands are very practical to prevent motion sickness during cruises, boat rides and airplanes.


Recommended: Seabands (see both adult and children’s sizes on Amazon)

15. Snorkel and Mask

Cruise lovers are often beach and ocean lovers. If you’re looking for a great gift this year, consider a good quality snorkel set. It’s perfect for beach days or cruise excursions.

Check out the Amazon review for this full face mask style snorkel set (to see why people are loving it).


16. Stainless Steele straws

In an attempt to use less plastic, many cruise lines have eliminated plastic straws on board. Stainless Steele drinking straws make a fun and useful holiday gift for cruisers.


Recommended: Stainless Steele Reusable straws (this one has over 3000 5* reviews – Amazon)

17. Refillable (and collapsible) water bottles

The refillable water bottles are perfect for cruising, and safe space as well!I

Recommended: Collapsible 20 ounce water bottles

18. Cruise thermal mug (for hot & cold)

Coffee in the morning and cold drinks the rest of the day! This thermal stainless steel to-go mug has over 10,000 reviews and is available in different colors – so you have the perfect gift for him or her (or yourself of course). 

Recommended:Thermal 30 oz cups (see options on Amazon)

19. Luggage tags

These plastic luggage tags are reusable and save time on each and every cruise. They’re available for every cruise line (in wide or long sizes).

Recommended: Plastic Sleeve luggage tags (check for specific cruiseline)

20. Cruise Lanyards

Never use a cruise card with lanyards to hold your cruise card. Great for excursion days and on the cruise ship!


Recommended: Cruise lanyards

21. Towel bands

Great for beach days as well as sea days on a cruise!

Recommended: towel bands (see reviews on Amazon)

50 Awesome Cruise Gift Items

Cruise Cabin Decorations


22. Cruise ship porthole sticker

This is easy to apply and peels off, and can be great for any hard core cruiser to use both on the ship and off. Hmmm…home office or guest room maybe?

Recommended: Cruise ship porthole sticker/decal

Popular Cruise Cabin Door Decorations

Simple cabin door decorations are used by many cruisers to help their stateroom door stand out among the long cruise ship hall. Do verify that the cruise line allows decorations on cabin doors.

23. Cruise cabin door decoration set

This set of cruise cabin decorations is very popular and gets great reviews from cruisers.

Recommended: Nautical cruise cabin decorations

24. Drink package cabin door magnet decoration (personalized)

Cruise cabin doors are usually metal, so magnet decorations are perfect! Great for drink package fans!!

Recommended: Drink package magnet decoration (customizable)

25. Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender

If you’re heading on a Disney Cruise, best come prepared with a Disney Fish Extender for your cruise cabin door. The 3 pockets will fit all Disney Fish Extender gifts for kids & adults throughout the fish exchange.


Recommended: Disney Fish Extender Door Decoration (see reviews & details – Amazon)

26. Custom cruise cabin door decoration

These door and cruise cabin decorations are so cute!

Tip, when you check out the link, you can actually find a few different styles to personalize the banners even more.

Recommended: Personalized cabin door banners (check different styles here)

Cruise Novelty Items – cruise t-shirts, coffee mugs, masks and more

Perfect gifts for avid cruisers who want to continue the cruise lifestyle both on and off a cruise ship!

Cruise coffee mugs

27. Cruise lover’s everyday coffee mug

If you love cruising, you know how accurate this is! It’s a perfect mug to help count down the days until the next cruise.

Recommended: Cruise lover’s coffee mug

28. Work to cruise mug

Would the cruise addict in your life love this? This cruise themed coffee mug just tells the truth šŸ˜‰

Recommended: Cruising addiction coffee mug

Cruise themed tshirts and masks

29. Cruise “drink package” novelty t-shirts

There are a wide variety of funny cruise t-shirts that can be found.

Tip: Check on Amazon for your favorite styles.

Recommended: “I bought the drink package” t-shirt (choice of sizes and colors available – Amazon)

30. His and Hers Cruise t-shirts

Cruise t-shirts are just fun, and these couple tee sets are adorable!

Recommended: Sail and Anchor shirt set (verify on Amazon for sizing)

31. Cruise Masks

For times when we must wear a mask, it’s just a little better with holiday theme and cruise masks.


Recommended: Cruise masks

Fun cruise novelty items

32. Cruise Caps

Matching cruise caps are the cutest thing! I can imagine how fun they would be to have on board.

Recommended: Captain and First Mate Cruise Caps

33. Sailor Hats

Sailor hats can be found in different sizes, from adult to child size. Cruise addicts across the seven seas will swoon!

Recommended: Sailor Hats

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34. Nauti-Nails

If you have a fun cruise lady in your life, check out the nautical nail decorations!

Cruise Themed Gifts and Jewelry

35. Cruise-ship tie clip

Do you have a man if our life who would love to wear this cruise tie clip?  Think about this on formal night.

Recommended: Cruise ship tie clip

36. Men’s anchor bracelet

Perfect for the man in your life that enjoys sailing, cruising or simply enjoys the sea. This handsome rope knot bracelet is adjustable to fit to any man’s wrist size. I love that the anchor is quality stainless steel, which won’t rust or tarnish.

 Recommended: Paracord rope anchor bracelet (see details and color options on Amazon)

37. Cruise Anchor necklace for women

Love this simple and pretty necklace. I’d probably wear it when I’m not even on a cruise , but that’s me ;-).

Recommended: Anchor necklace in gold and silver (Amazon)

50 awesome holiday gifts for cruise travelers

Practical Tech Cruise Gifts

If the cruise lover in your life is into nature, photography or tech, these gift items will be appreciated on future cruise vacations.

38. Cruise Binoculars

Binoculars are a must have on Alaska itineraries, but can come in handy even on Caribbean or Bermuda cruises (think of the dolphin and whale sightings).

Recommended: Quality binoculars for the cruise traveler

39. Selfie Stick and Tripod (with Bluetooth wireless remote)

Before my family went on our last cruise, I bought this selfie stick and I love it! The fact is, it’s just easier to take better photos and videos with the long reaching arm, even if you don’t take selfies.

*It’s also very inexpensive, but works so well you’d never know!

Recommended: Selfie Stick and Tripod with Bluetooth wireless remote

40. UV Light Sanitizer Box for Cleaning Cell Phone and Charger

This can be used while traveling on a cruise or anywhere in your daily life. The newest technology to keep things clean and disinfected.


Recommended: UV Light sanitizer box for cell phone

41.Portable phone charger

While a cruise power bar is important to have, a portable charger is super practical.

We used this one on our last cruise to charge two phones at a time! It was awesome and long lasting!

Recommended: INIU Portable Charger – compatible with most phones (but do verify)

42. Waterproof phone case

These are so great to keep your phone dry, and keep the sand out when you’re at the beach. I love these as they are compatible with 2020 cell phones, including the Iphone XS.

  Recommended: Universal Waterproof Case (check for compatibility)

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Cruise items for the Cruise Lover’s home

43. Cruise anchor door mat

This cruise themed door mat is a perfect entrance to a cruiser’s home.

Recommended:  Cruise anchor welcome door mat

44. Fun cruise sign

“What happens on the ship… stays on the ship.” What a fun reminder of a great cruise vacation!

Recommended: Fun cruise sign

45. Create cute cruise towel animals at home

This fun cruise novelty item will actually teach you how to create 8 different towel animals, just like on the cruise ships.

Recommended: How to Make a Towel Monkey by Carol Mulanax

46. Cruise shower curtain

Bring a little cruise home, the selection of cruise and beach theme shower curtains is amazing on this site! Do remember to measure which length you need. I love the variety and it’s so cute for a guest bathroom!

Recommendation: Cruise theme shower curtain

Books about cruising and travel

Cruise Travel Planners and Journals

47. The Cruise Planner

Whether it’s your first cruise or a special cruise that requires more planning, having a cruise planner where you can gather all your notes and important travel information can be really practical.

This popular cruise planner can make a useful gift for new cruisers.

Recommended: The Cruise Planner by Cathy Rogers (Amazon link) 

48. Travel planner and cruise log with a fun twist

This 90 page planner is so fun looking, you might be surprised how thorough it is. It has space to fill in all your travel plans and includes packing lists and more.

Recommended: A Nauti-cal Cruise Log (verify price on Amazon here)

Cruise Books

49. Cruise Confidential

This popular cruise book is a bit of a behind the scenes look at cruise life (and all that really happens), as told by a former crew member.

Recommended: Cruise Confidential by Brian David Bruns (check reviews here)

Cruise Travel Books

Cruisers may want to have fun, but we also love to travel! If you’re looking for a gift for the cruise addict in your life, consider a cruise travel book.

50. Joy of Cruising by Paul C. Thornton


Recommended: The Joy of Cruising (see kindle and paperback versions)

Sign up for an Amazon Kindle Membership to have access to thousands of audio books and ebooks.

I love the idea, especially if you love to read on a cruise, but are trying to pack light and avoid bring lots of heavy books. You can find more information here: Amazon Kindle Membership

51. Mediterranean Cruise Ports Travel Guide

One of my favorite travel resources is Rick Steves. If you are cruising to the Mediterranean this guide is geared specifically for cruisers who only have 8-10 hours in each cruise port and want to make the most of it.

Recommended: Rick Steves Mediterranean Cruise Ports

52. Fodor’s Alaska Guide

Cruising to Alaska? A guide book with information all in one place can be so handy! If cruising to another destination, check on other Fodor’s Travel Guides.

Recommended: The Complete Guide to Alaska Cruises (Fodor’s)

Cruise Theme Stationary

53. Cruise Christmas Cards

If you have cruisers in your life, wouldn’t they love to receive a Cruise themed Christmas card? Totally fun for all holiday cruisers too!

Recommended: Cruise Christmas Cards

Cruise Ship Novelty Gifts

54. Model Cruise ship

This is awesome for Royal Caribbean fans and cruise enthusiasts!


Recommended: Cruise Ship Model Royal Caribbean (check Amazon link for more choices)

Unique Packing Accessories for Cruisers (New Bonus for 2021)

You might have noticed that we’ve gone over the 50 cruise gifts we promised. So, we have a few bonus items, that I either bought myself recently and just LOVE, or, the items come highly recommended by cruisers in our community.

I hope they these unique items that will help with cruise packing in 2021 and be so appreciated this year!

55. Garment Bag

Perfect for packing formal wear for a cruise, this garment bag is an Amazon bestseller. Avoid dealing with wrinkles on your cruise wear by using a practical garment bag for your suits and cocktails dresses.


Recommended: Garment bag (see over 4000 Amazon reviews)

56. Hanging Cosmetic/Make up Bag

This cosmetic bag is a perfect size to bring your make up, face creams and other cosmetics on your cruise. A hanging make up bag is so useful, and this one is both attractive and well made (I have it myself). It can also be used everyday at home.


Recommended: Bagsmart Make Up/Cosmetic Bag (see different color options)

57. Bagsmart Jewelry Organizer Travel Bag

This foldable jewelry travel bag is perfect to organize your jewelry for a cruise. There are places to put your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. This attractive design is a great add on to the cosmetic bag, also by Bagsmart, above.


Recommended: Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer (see details and read almost 3000 5*reviews here)

58. Stow-N-Go Luggage Organizer

This hanging packing accessory combines packing cubes and convenient shelving, and actually can be packed and stored in your luggage, ready to hang when you arrive on your cruise!


Recommended: Stow & Go Travel Organizer

YouTube Video 20 Best Holiday Gifts for Cruise Lovers (2020-21)

In this new YouTube video, you’ll see some of the most popular cruise essentials as well as some new, unique travel items for cruisers.


Recap: 50+ Best Cruise Gift Ideas for Cruise Lovers

We’ve gone through over 50 unique cruise items that make great gifts for frequent cruisers, as well as new cruisers.

From practical cruise accessories items, cruise travel gadgets to fun cruise novelty products – these items are awesome for anyone who loves to cruise. You may even want to share this cruise gift guide with others who are shopping for you (hint hint).

If faster shipping would be useful, don’t forget to check out the free 30 day Trial Amazon Prime (amazon link)

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What items have you used or bought as a gift that you can recommend? Is there something you really love? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy cruising!

Ilana xoxo

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