15 Cruise Bloggers Reveal Their Best Cruise Tips

14 cruise bloggers share their best cruise tips

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15 Cruise Bloggers Share Their Best Cruise Tips and Advice

There’s no one more passionate about cruising than cruise bloggers! I asked 15 top cruise bloggers and vloggers, to share their best cruise tips and cruise planning advice.
Cruise Tips from cruise bloggers

The following advice comes from cruise travel bloggers, who specialize in different niches and each have their own unique perspective.

You’ll find awesome tips to help with cruise planning, saving money while cruising, cruise packing tips, cruise dining tips, luxury cruising tips and more!

Without further delay, here are the very best cruise tips from 14 expert cruise bloggers and vloggers!

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#1. Best Cruise Tips by: Jonathan Souza: Cruise Fever

Cruise Fever was founded by 2 brothers and is a huge resource of cruise tips, cruise reviews and cruise news. In addition to the website, you can follow Cruise Fever on Facebook.

1. On day one of your cruise try to explore as much of the ship as possible.  You will be tempted to just unpack your luggage and hit the pool or buffet, which is totally fine.  But some areas of the ship like the spa and thermal suite are open for tours during this time and you will be able to see all the ship has to offer.  I know some cruisers that didn’t realize certain features of the ship until the last day of a cruise.

2. Try a different dining venue each day, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  This way you will not only know what kind of eateries are available, but you’ll know which one to hit again later in the week.

3. Arrive at the cruise port city a day early, and find a hotel that offers complimentary shuttle service.  There are usually several of these to choose from and it makes the trip slightly more hassle-free when your transfers are already taken care of.  Often these hotels will allow you to leave your car in their parking lot for the duration of the cruise as well, sometimes for a nominal fee.

#2 Money Saving Cruise Tips by: Jonathan Hyek –  Cruise Port Advisor

expert tips Cruise Port AdvisorCruise Port Advisor has helpful information about cruise news, cruise tips, cruise terminal parking information, park and cruise as well as park and fly cruise hotel & parking packages. You’ll find incredibly useful information here for pre and post cruise stays. You can find Cruise Port Advisor on Facebook.

1. Don’t “buy” the hype!

Let’s face it – cruise lines know how to make money! From the time you set foot on a cruise ship, the entire experience is designed to help you part with more of your hard-earned money. Purchasing extra drinks, spa packages, low quality “luxury” watches and jewelry could end up costing you hundreds of dollars over the course of a week. Avoid the hype and allure of purchasing stuff you don’t need. Rarely is something sold on a cruise ship that you can’t get somewhere else for less money. Set your budget before you get on the ship and avoid spending on those incidentals. A little self-control could save you hundreds of dollars!

2. Explore on your own

Choose your destinations wisely so that you can explore on your own. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on excursions, many locations are safe enough to explore by yourself. Bermuda, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Canada as well as the Cruise lines private islands are safe and easy to explore on your own. There’s no need to purchase an excursion. Just use common sense as you would in any new city within Canada or the USA. Be careful in many Caribbean destinations though, as crime and theft is a real concern for tourists!

3.Stay “inside”

Sure, we all love balconies. Waking up while at sea and getting the chance to sit out on your balcony is great, however, it comes with a high cost. Inside rooms are usually less expensive than a balcony. If I were given the opportunity to cruise more, by saving money on my room choice, I would choose an inside room every time. I’d rather cruise more often on a budget, rather than break the bank every few years with a room that might cost several hundred dollars more per person! Other than the room, you get exactly the same experience as everyone else. You get the same services, the same food, the same drinks, the same entertainment and so on. And, inside rooms can offer a nice peaceful sleep as they are extremely dark at night!

#3 Cruise Packing Tips by: Lucy Williams – Lucy Williams Global

cruise packing tipsLucy is married to a cruise ship officer and spends most of her life cruisingaround the world. She has over 12 years experience of the cruise industry between working onboard and now travelling onboard as a passenger. 

I love to follow Lucy’s travels (her photos are gorgeous) and hope you will too: Instagram @lucywilliamsglobal

These are my cruise tips as so many cruisers worry about what to pack and how much to pack, especially for long cruises. These tips should help if you are going on a week cruise or world cruise.

1.Don’t over pack for a long cruise as on most cruise lines there are laundrettes that you can use yourself for a small charge. There are laundry detergent and fabric softener you can buy in the laundrette or you can bring your own or buy some ashore. Or you can take advantage of the the ship laundry service and have it all done for you.

2. Pack a capsule wardrobe for a long cruise, as you really do not need so much clothing as you think. If you stick to a few colours that coordinate you can make up lots of different outfits. Remember you can wash your clothes onboard and nobody remembers what you wore a few days ago.

3. People always bring too many pairs of shoes with them on a cruise and there is no need. For warm climate all you need are one pair of each; sports shoes, flip flops, ballet pumps, heels. For a cold climate; walking boots, sports shoes, ballet pumps, heels. If you bring neutral colours for ballet pumps and heels they will go with all your outfits.

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#4 Cruise-ship Tips by: Annabel Cornall – Go and Cruise

expert blogger cruise tips

Go and Cruise is a place where you can escape the day to day and be inspired to plan your next cruise and travel adventure. You’ll find wonderful cruise and port reviews and guides written by Annabel, as well as guest contributors. I think you’ll enjoy Go and Cruise on Instagram.

Choosing Your Cabin

Deciding on and choosing your cabin is a really exciting part of your cruise planning. Once you have decided upon a type of cabin that you would like; it is really worth putting into internet searches and YouTube the cabin number or type of cabin and ship. Many travelers will kindly upload videos of the cabin, detailing their features and layout, so you can gain a sneak preview.

Specialty Dining

If you fancy trying the gastronomical delights of a specialty restaurant onboard your cruise ship, think ahead of when you are going to go. Why not start your cruise with a delicious delight; many ships will have great offers for the first night aboard. In addition, you can often book your dining preferences online before you embark, that way being able to plan your dining pleasures.

Port Days in the Spa

On your itinerary, there may be places that you have visited already and you might decide not to go ashore. What can you do with your time? I would suggest enjoying the amazing spa facilities that you find on cruise ships. On port days, spas will give you the best offers they have, often suggesting a package price for a number of treatments – go on treat yourself!

cruise bloggers best cruise tips
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#5 Cruise Travel Tips by: Chris and Bradley: Chad Cruisers (You Tube Channel) 

cruise tips life well cruisedChris and Bradley are a couple from Toronto, Canada who love to travel, especially by cruise ship!

I love watching Chris and Bradley’s cruise adventures and how they offer great tips all while keeping it real! In addition to their youtube channel, you can also follow on Instagram 

1.Save money and travel more often by booking inside staterooms.

We have experienced over 20 cruises, in balcony rooms, ocean view and even suites. We found that with the endless on board activities and venues on the ships, we were never spending that much time in the room. We now only book interior rooms, that way we can save our money for cruise excursions, on board spending and even future cruises!

2.Casino Benefits

The casino can be your ticket to future deals! We are suckers for the slot machines and enjoy playing on board. We bring a set amount of money to play with and enjoy the casino on sea days. We always make sure to insert our cruise card into the slots or give to the attendants at the tables, as you spend money at the casino we earn points, which can translate to future cruise offers and discounts plus free cash play for a future cruise.

3.Build Loyalty with Cruising with the same Cruise Line

We have sailed with Carnival, Royal Caribbean but mostly with Princess Cruises. We enjoy the laid back, quiet and relaxed atmosphere that Princess offers, as well as their variety of itineraries. We have enough Princess Cruises to enjoy such loyalty perks as free internet access, priority boarding, a Captain’s Cocktail party and some other good perks. Many other cruise lines offer incentives and programs for repeat cruisers.

#6 Cruise Tips/Budget Cruising by : Emma LeTeace – Cruising Isn’t Just for Old People/Emma Cruises

cruise tips from expert bloggers

Cruising Isn’t Just for Old People is a cruise blog where you’ll find fabulous cruise information of all sorts. Emma also a vibrant group of young and young at heart cruisers in her Facebook group

1.Research the cruise line

My first tip for any cruiser would be to research the cruise line so that you can find the one that suits you best. I’m a firm believer in the idea that there is a cruise for everybody but there is no point picking a cruise line with strict dress codes if you don’t want to get dressed up. Proper research can ensure you make the most of your time onboard doing things that you want to do.

2.Book an inside cabin

To save money consider booking an inside cabin. I usually cruise in inside cabins and although balconies are nice I rarely end up spending much time in my cabin. An inside cabin not only saves you money but also encourages you to get out and explore the ship. One of my favorite things about cruising is always being able to find entertainment going on somewhere, whether that’s live music or something more interactive like a game-show.

3.Travel off-season

If you are able to do so consider travelling out of peak season. School holidays are much busier than other times of year and are generally more expensive too. If you are looking for a bargain months like November and January can be great options. A cruises around the Mediterranean or Canary Islands during winter are a particular favourite of mine, the weather is usually still relatively warm (compared to the weather in the UK!) and the prices are dramatically less.

Cruise More Often for Less

You may also want to consider taking this course by Emma from Emma Cruises, on saving money on a cruise. It is full of information to help save money on cruises, and will pay for itself with the first cruise you book.

Here’s the info if you want to check it out:  How to Cruise for Less (course)

#7 First-Time Cruise Tips by: Tanner Callais – Cruzely.com

cruise tips Cruzely
Tanner Callais is the founder and editor of Cruzely.com. Having grown up on the coast and sailing on everything from a 50′ pleasure craft to the new Carnival Horizon, he’s drawn on his experience to write hundreds of articles about every aspect of cruising. He has been quoted in The Washington Post, USAToday, and CBSNews, along with dozens more publications and websites.

I always suggest that passengers book an excursion in at least one port. Excursions can seem pricey, especially if you’re a frugal cruiser, but they are almost always worth the money and the memories. You’ll definitely remember the adventure you had years later compared to a day of simply sitting on the beach.

As well, if you forget anything from water shoes to cold medicine, wait until the ship gets into port. These items are for sale on the ship, but they are extremely expensive (we’ve seen cold medicine for nearly $18 a bottle). Every port has a small pharmacy and a number of other shops where you can pick up anything you forgot for cheaper.

Finally, don’t forget to bring an outlet adaptor. With all the electronics we carry these days, most cruise ships only have one or two outlets. Anadaptor (make sure its not a surge protector and that its approved by the cruise line) that provides more plugs can be worth its weight in gold

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# 8 Cruise Tips/Family Cruising by: Alyson – My Virtual Vacations

cruise tips expert bloggersMy Virtual Vacations has  features cruises, destinations and hotels, all focusing on a combination of family and luxury travel. Check out My Virtual Vacations Facebook page for great travel tips and more.

  1. Arrive to the port early

Unless you live a short drive away from your departure destination, consider arriving the day before. On the day of embarkation, you must be on board early and the check-in process can be lengthy. If flying to your cruise, there can be flight delays and you don’t want to stress about missing the ship. Arrive a day before and start enjoying the departure city right away.

2. Book your next cruise while onboard

Sometimes it’s hard to plan ahead but it’s not permanent. If your dates or plans change, you can easily cancel or move to a different date without penalty. But it’s all about the perks! You’ll typically get more free perks when booking on board (think drink packages, WiFi, or onboard credit) and often reduced deposits.

3. Bring your picky eater!

A cruise can be the best type of vacation for picky eaters.There are numerous choices and varieties of food on board. The buffets often have signage pointing to gluten-free or nut-free selections. Also, notify the cruise line ahead of time and the main dining-room will accommodate specific food preferences and allergies.

# 9 Cruise Advice and Tips by: Ilana Schattauer – Life Well Cruised

cruise tips by Life Well CruisedIlana is the cruise enthusiast and travel writer behind Life Well Cruised (yup, that’s me). Working in the cruise industry for more than a decade, I believe we can all have amazing travel experiences, all while enjoying ship life, of course! Check out my blog and please come join me on Facebook at Life Well Cruised.

1.Book an excursion: If its your first time in a port, book an excursion with the cruise line or research on-line ahead of time. Whatever you do, don’t wing it! Most cruise ports require you to at least take a cab to the beach – and the port area will feel really “touristy” at best. The good stuff is out there, but you need to leave the port area and go and find it!

2.Get extra on board credits: On board credits (OBC) are extra money placed into your cruise account that you can use while cruising. This is a great way to “save” money by using it to book shore excursions, buy drinks, photos and even gifts at the shops. So, how do you get them?

  1. Book your cruise when the cruiseline has this type of promotion
  2. Book with a travel agent who may add additional OBC’s
  3. Book your next cruise onboard (you’ll be rewarded with OBC’s)
  4. Purchase cruise line shares (check the conditions, but this can be very advantageous)

3.Cruise complaints: If something isn’t right, don’t wait until you’re back home to complain about it. Cruise lines want you to have a great experience, so if you have an issue, bring it up politely with guest services and allow them the opportunity to get things resolved. It will help you avoid days of potential frustration and leave you with only good cruise memories.

4. Cruise Packing Tips

Here are some cruise packing tips, to help you get ready for your cruise.


50 Expert Cruise Travel Tip from Cruise Bloggers
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#10 Cruise Tips/Dietary Needs Tips by: Sanna –  Vegan Cruiser

Cruise Tips cruise bloggers Vegan CruiserSanna says: I started cruising at an early age, from about the tender age of 6 months. I loved cruise holidays as a child and continue to enthuse about them still. In fact, I want to get everyone cruising, regardless of age, interests, or dietary needs as there is a cruise pretty much for everyone.

I love Sanna’s cruise reviews which provide a view into Vegan dining, as well as provide other helpful dietary and allergy information.  In addition to her blog you can also follow her Facebook page.

Here are 3 tips for cruising – to save money and have a great cruise 🙂

1) Save money by booking with a cruise specialist travel agent

If you’re new to cruising, they are great at finding a ship and itinerary that is the best fit for you & your family/partner/group. I use them because of the special deals and trade discounts they get from cruise lines – resulting in me getting a price that is lower than going direct. I may need to pay the final balance earlier than with the cruise line (here in the UK), but I gain a cheaper price and often an extra perk to book.

2) Do you have dietary needs and are worried cruises can’t cater?

Worry not! I’ve sailed dairy free from childhood. While dietary needs don’t always get a mention on cruise line websites, ships can adapt dishes to suit most needs. Specialist bloggers like myself, are here to help others to have excellent cruise holidays with acceptable dining options. While vegetarians and pescatarians need not worry at all – for tips on vegan, dairy- or egg-free cruising my blog & the various FB groups will help you plan and execute a successful allergen-free cruise holiday.
Vegan Dining photo courtesy of Vegan Cruiser

3) Don’t get stuck in the rut and sail with one company only

It may gain you loyalty points on that brand but go experience the world our there! Different cruise lines have different things to offer – you could do the same itinerary but have a totally different cruise experience. Sister brands may recognize your loyalty status (Royal Caribbean & Celebrity do) and MSC will status match all major cruise, airline and hotel loyalty program levels. Not every cruise line will suit everyone, but there are several that you might enjoy.

15 Cruise Blogger Share Their Best Cruise Hacks
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#11 Family Cruising Tips by: Claire – First Initial Sea

cruise tips from cruise bloggersFirst Initial Sea is a cruise, travel and lifestyle blog focused on family travel. On her blog you’ll find cruise information, but notably some heartwarming personal cruising stories. I think you’ll enjoy following Claire on Instagram.

1.Do your research and find a ship that is right for your family

Most ships offer a pool and kids clubs at the very least. However, if you have two sea days or possibly more in a row, you might just need a little more than this to keep your children entertained. Cruise Lines such as Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises and Carnival offer an amazing array of fun features and almost endless entertainment for your children. Research opening hours and age ranges for the children’s clubs in your research as these tend to vary significantly with each cruise line.

2.Pack wisely

Whether you’re heading out to the Mediterranean, Norwegian Fjords or the Caribbean, sea nights can see temperatures drop and the breeze pick up. If like us, you like to walk off your 3 course MDR (main dining room) meal and perhaps like to partake in a little top deck shuffle board or catch a movie under the stars. Your  children will thank you for packing a couple of cardigans or their favorite fleece.

Remember,  embarkation day is in fact day 1 of your cruise which you have paid your heard earned money on, enjoy this day and make the most out of it. Pack the swimmers in your handbag/travel bag. Sun cream and goggles too!

3.Cruise with extended family

Now this tip comes with a warning. I appreciate that not all of us are either lucky enough to have other family members around or who share a love for cruising, furthermore not all of us get along with extended family members. Thankfully and gratefully, we do. 

Grandparents are often keen to stay on board when we dock in a destination that they have previously enjoyed, thus resulting in them wishing to enjoy the ships facilities with their Grandchildren who can sometimes be reluctant to walk around exploring historic buildings and cultures for the day. Therefore they choose to spend the day together on the ship making those magical memories that last a life time together.

Consequently, this enables my husband and I to immerse ourselves fully in to experiencing various ports. Everyone’s a winner!

#12 Luxury Cruising tips by: Richard and Helen – Visit with Us 

Luxury Cruise TipsWe are Richard and Helen, luxury cruisers sharing our experiences with you. 

If you’re interested in luxury cruising (and why not?), then I encourage you to check out their videos on your tube. These are genuinely some of the most engaging (and informative) vlogs I’ve seen. Visit with us can be found on Facebook and Instagram. You can also join their Facebook Group The Luxury Cruise Society.

1. All-inclusive benefits: The main thing we love about luxury cruising is the all-inclusivity of your cruise experience. For example, not having to produce your cruise card every time you go to the bar. However, not all of the luxury cruise lines are totally all-inclusive. While most have gratuities, drinks, specialty dining and WiFi included, some charge extra for these. A few even include shore excursions so it’s always best to read the small print.

2.Mainstream cruise “luxury” options: Luxury cruise lines tend to have smaller ships than most sailing the high seas these days. However, if you prefer the facilities and entertainment offered on larger family style shipst, don’ rule out luxury cruising. Many ships now offer a ‘ship within a ship’ experience for their suite passengers, which allows them to experience luxury on a larger ship, such as MSC’s Yacht Club and NCL’s Haven.

3. Luxury Cruise “deals”: Lastly, don’t exclude luxury cruising thinking it’s too costly. Many cruiselines offer ‘guarantee’ fares (unassigned cabins) which are less costly. If you aren’t bothered about choosing a specific room, this can be a very attractive offer.

#13 Cruise and Destination Tips by: Ryazan – Everything Zany

cruise tips from cruise bloggersEverything Zany is a blog that covers different types of travel, including cruises. She inspires expats, dual citizens and travel enthusiasts with her travel writing and incredible photography. Follow Ryazan on Instagram.

1.Be time wise

Time is gold. This is true, especially on cruising or within the maritime industry. Visiting a new port or city can be really fun and it’s easy to lose track of time. If you do, this can cause a major disruption to the trip. If you haven’t booked a cruise excursion without a guaranteed return to ship, you might risk the possibility of being left behind and having to make your own arrangements to get onboard the ship at the next port.

2.Research on your destinations

Researching your port of calls can be handy, especially if you only have a very limited time in each port. If you are planning to DIY your excursions, make sure you have handy information ready. Other than typical guide books, joining various online travel communities would be useful.

3.Take the stairs

Burn those calories! One of the best parts of cruising is tucking in to the tasty food onboard. Since buffets are available all the time, it is a good option to skip that lift and use the stairs. You get free exercise too.

#14 Family cruising/Cruise booking advice by: Alex – On Travel Mode

cruise tips experts on travel modeOn Travel Mode is a NYC-Based Family Travel, Lifestyle and Foodie Blog, however Alex and his family love to cruise, and have some great tips here. You can follow On Travel Mode on Facebook.

1. Book early – In my experience, you should book a cruise vacation as early as possible. Booking early means you usually get the best price. Cruise lines also like to sweeten the deal by offering freebies called Perks. Perks can come in the form of onboard credits, unlimited beverage packages, and Wi-Fi plans. Who doesn’t love freebies, right? Don’t forget to monitor for any price changes. If the fares go up, you can smile knowing that you got in at the right time. If they go down, the fares can be adjusted and you get to do a happy dance. If you’re looking to save money while on a family cruise I suggest taking advantage of free activities on board.

2.Daily Planner – Check out the daily flyer provided by the cruise line. There are so many things happening each day. In fact, so many that your family will never run out of things to do. We always take advantage of the many free activities onboard. We have watched demo cooking classes, learned how to dance salsa, sung Karaoke, and so much more thanks to our “Freestyle Daily” flyer. It is possible to have a lot of fun without having to pay for any onboard activities.

3. Things you need – Shops onboard are pricey.  I learned this the hard way while on our first cruise to the Bahamas. Our family spent the entire day on Norwegian’s private island Great Stirrup Cay. I under-estimated the sun and didn’t put on enough sun screen. Upon returning to the ship I found myself having to buy some aloe vera gel. A small bottle cost me about $15 dollars. That same bottle of aloe would have cost me no more than $5.00 at my local pharmacy. Don’t forget to pack your important items such as sunscreen, dramamine, aspirin, etc. It will cost you way more if you have to buy it onboard.

#15 Couples Cruise Tips by: Paul and Carole Love to Travel

cruise tips cruise bloggersPaul and Carol share their cruise and travel experiences on their blog and in their videos (and they are a lot of fun!). You can follow them on Facebook as well to keep up with their travels.
Try new things – Try something you have never done before. About 3 cruises ago we attended our first dance class and really enjoyed it. We have now have danced on every cruise since and look forward to seeing what each class brings. It is a great way to get some exercise and meet new people too.
Share a table with someone you don’t know. We have met some wonderful people on our cruises from all walks of life and enjoyed some fascinating conversations and had some great fun.
Grab a cup of coffee and find a quiet spot out on deck and watch the sunrise. Such magical and romantic moments you will never forget.

Recap: 15 Expert Cruise Bloggers reveal their best cruise tips

I want to thank each contributor for sharing their personal cruise tips and advice. I hope you enjoyed reading the variety of tips and that some will be helpful to you as you’re planning your cruise.

If you’ve enjoyed this, you may enjoy reading about the the Most Frequenly Asked Questions by new cruisers or Practical Cruise Packing Tips.

Have you taken a cruise? What’s the best cruise tip you can share? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!

Ilana xoxo

P.S. If you’ve found this post useful, I’d really appreciate if you could share it on social media (Pinterest and Facebook) so others can find it as well. Share buttons at the top. Thanks so much!

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      i’m so glad you found this list helpful! It’s true that there are ways that cruising can be so affordable – we cruised in an inside cabin for years when my kids were little (and often they were heavily discounted), and this way we could cruise more often.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!


  3. March 2, 2019 / 1:14 pm

    One of the best tips I ever heard is to make sure everything works as soon as you can and report problems right away. I told my mom that TIP before her first Alaska cruise and indeed her hot water did not work. They moved her from a standard cabin to the Presidential Suite.

    • March 2, 2019 / 1:37 pm

      Hi Charles,

      I think you’re 100% right! I never thought of checking everything right away, but you make a good point. And wow! A very lucky upgrade for your Mom. I’m not sure if that happens much these days, but nevertheless it’s a great tip!

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  6. October 12, 2019 / 5:36 pm

    I have just returned from a cruise to St. Petersburg and one tip I would like to offer is research a plan B for a port destination. We arrived late at one port because of a medical emergency the night before and all shore excursions were cancelled. Luckily I had spotted a museum that looked interesting. Also Google to see if there is any thing interesting happening the day you are in port.

    • October 13, 2019 / 2:18 am

      Thanks a great point. Although unlikely, it is good to have researched a port at least at a minimum to find an alternative plan. Very true that there could be a festival, free museum day and other interesting things to do and see.

      I’m glad for you that you were able to see St. Petersburg and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!


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    Oh, it’s great to know that most long cruises have laundry stations for you. I’m actually hoping to take European river cruise with my wife next year. It would be wonderful to see the European countryside sail by us.

    • December 10, 2019 / 2:14 am

      Hi Ben,

      Some ships have self service laundry, while others don’t. It’s always best to check with the cruise line or travel agent for specific information. That river cruise sounds phenomenal!


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    There’s so many great tips you’ve collected here, Ilana. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut when you’ve cruised a lot, so it’s good to learn from fellow cruises what their tips are. I’d agree that it’s good to explore other cruise lines – it can also give you a new perspective of what you like and help to identify or confirm what’s most important to you when you cruise.

    • June 29, 2021 / 4:33 pm

      I love that Steph! It’s true that confirming what you enjoy most and want out of your cruise vacation is important.


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