How to Send a Christmas Card to Princess Crew Members

How to send christmas card to Princess Crew

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Send Holiday Wishes and Seasons Greetings to Princess Crew Members

Princess Cruises is encouraging cruise passengers to send Christmas and Holiday cards with inspiring messages for a bright New Year ahead.

Christmas Cruise on Princess Cruise
Send Princess crew members your best wishes during this Holiday season

Perhaps you’ve celebrated the holidays on a Princess Cruise in the past, and aren’t able to this year. This is a nice way to stay connected during this Christmas and New Year with your favorite Princess crew.

How to Send a Holiday Card to Princess Crew Members

princess cruises send holiday card
Send your best wishes and season’s greetings to Princess Crew

Princess Cruises – Project Cheers to the New Year

Instructions from Princess Cruises 

Send your season’s wishes to our crew! Our teammates represent many cultures and celebrate the holidays in different ways – so your cards can offer inspiring messages for a brighter new year ahead.

Please address your cards to, “Dear Princess Teammate.” Cards must be received by December 16, 2020, and only flat envelope cards will be accepted.

Mailing address: Princess Cruises 24305 Town Center Drive Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Attn: Project Cheers to the New Year

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Final thoughts: How to Send a Christmas Card to a Princess Crew Member

2020 has been tough, especially for cruise line crew and seafarers. Let Princess crew members know that there are brighter days ahead in 2021. We will see a return to cruising and enjoy good times with our friends, family and crew members who make all the difference!

Send Princess crew members a card with an inspiring message for Holidays and new year ahead. The more the merrier! 

Do you have a Princess Cruise planned for the New Year? Feel free to leave your thoughts about the wonderful Princess crew in the comments below.

Happy cruising!

Ilana xoxo

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