Paradise Beach Cozumel

Paradise Beach Cozumel

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If you’re going on a Caribbean Cruise and heading to Cozumel, one of the beaches that you might really enjoy is Paradise Beach. We’ve been going to this beach for several years, and truly it’s one of our favorite things to do on a port day.

In this post I’ll give you a little review, and also go through some things you’ll want to know. Learn how to get to Paradise Beach, how much it costs, as well as what is and what isn’t included.

There are quite a few great things to do in Cozumel. If you’re comparing other activity options or would like to know more about Cozumel as a cruise port, this post is recommended: 21 Most Recommended Things to Do in Cozumel (for Cruisers)

paradise beach

Paradise Beach, Cozumel

We’ve been going to Paradise Beach on a cruise for many years, so we’ve seen this resort grow and evolve. When we first came, our children were young and we were drawn to the inflatables at the beach which were available with a fun pass for a reasonable cost.

Now, our kids are older and we love to hang out by the large heated pool and have a drink. We also really appreciate the clean facilities an that the food has always been good to eat.

What we like about Paradise Beach for an excursion

paradise beach pool

We enjoy that Paradise Beach is about 5 miles from the cruise port, so quite close. It makes a nice easy excursion we can do on our own.

When we first came here, it was recommended as clean and safe by our cruise ship’s staff. So that meant a lot.

We love the clean beach and pool area, as well as the facilities. The pool and washroom area were built just a few years ago, so it’s pretty new and modern.

There’s also a restaurant on site and a beach bar. Prices aren’t super cheap, but they are reasonable.

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How much is Paradise Beach?

When we went last, the entrance fee was $3 per person, and this included a lounge chair. They did ask us to also eat and drink at least $10 per person.

At the time that we went,they were just introducing the all inclusive option, however we did not try this and ordered a la carte.

There are also other options and you can pay for some activities.

Paradise Beach Inflatables and water activities

Paradise Beach Inflatables

At the beach there is an entire floating water park. We didn’t use it when we were there a few months ago, however we have a few times in past years.

With the purchase of a fun pass for $18, you get a bracelet/wristband that gives you access to the inflatables in the beach water park as well as kayaks.

Paradise Beach Menu food and Drinks Menu

paradise beach frozen drink menu and tacos

The menu is quite reasonable if you are ordering a la carte. Most “meals” are priced in the range of about $10-14 USD. There is a restaurant and beach taco stand.

Frozen drinks and cocktails were $8.50 for a good size cup or about $15 for a souvenir yard size glass.

We enjoyed a couple of nacho platters with melted cheese, refried beans and salsa – when in Mexico ;-).

We aren’t super big eaters when we are off the ship, but do need something to go with drinks. We like to head back mid afternoon and have a snack on the cruise ship.

Paradise Beach Mojitos and other drinks

paradise beach Freddy and mojito cart

OMG! I cannot say enough about these mojitos.

They were made by Freddie at his Mojito cart and they were seriously so good. He muddled the mint along with fresh lime juice until it was almost ground and then put in the rest of the ingredients.There was a choice of flavors and we opted for Mango Mojitos.

Our son got a frozen Pina Colada from the bar and it was a good, beach bar drink.

In my opinion, if you want something a little bit special, go for a Mojito (Freddie will make it special)

How to get to Paradise Beach

cozumel cruise port

Getting to Paradise Beach from the cruise port is easy as it’s only about 10-15 minutes away from the pier.

Our taxi ride was $16 per way for 3 people, but it may be less if you’re more people. There are taxi stands and rates are posted.

What you may not like at Paradise Beach

paradise beach pool

Something to note is that Paradise Beach is popular and it does get crowded. When we were there last, there were 7 cruise ships in port that day.

Of course, not everyone came to Paradise Beach, but it can get pretty busy. If you prefer a quieter beach or excursion, this may not be for you.

Do you need other ideas for shore excursions in Cozumel?

In the past, we’ve done a snorkeling excursion in Cozumel and enjoyed the colorful fish and turquoise waters. You may enjoy visiting the Mayan Ruins, or perhaps checking out one of the other popular beach resorts.

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Recap: Paradise Beach Cozumel review

I hope this Paradise Beach review is helpful as you plan your day in port in Cozumel. Some of the reasons we love it and keep coming back are the great drinks, clean facilities, large heated pool, beautiful beach, good food and the reasonable prices.

It’s  easy and convenient to get to Paradise Beach on your own from any of the cruise portsby cab.

Are you heading to Cozumel on a cruise and considering heading to Paradise Beach? If you’ve been, please share your tips and how you enjoyed it.

Happy Cruising!!

Ilana xoxo

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