25 Gorgeous Swimsuit Cover Ups for a Cruise

Swimsuit Cover ups for a Cruise

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If you’re going on a cruise and planning what to wear, don’t forget to pack a couple of cute swimsuit cover ups. During the day on cruise, you’ll probably be wearing a cover up more than any other piece of clothing!

This list of bathing suit cover ups includes short and longer styles, sarong styles and trendy kimono styles. These cover ups are beautiful and affordable, and all conveniently available on Amazon.

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Flattering Bathing Suit Cover Ups for Women

1. Crochet Style Bikini Swimsuit Cover Up

This short bathing suit cover up is one of the most popular styles on Amazon (and a best-seller in my Amazon shop). Available in while, black, and other colors, this vneck style cover up has a cut that is flattering on women of different shapes and sizes.

This is perfect for wearing on a cruise, beach or pool!

Recommended: Crochet style swimsuit cover up (check price & over 20,000 Amazon reviews here)

2. Beach Dress Style Cover Up


This beach dress cover up is a recent favorite! What makes this so flattering is that the mid section isn’t see through, although most of the swimsuit cover up is lace.

Recommended: Swimsuit beach dress cover up (check price & amazon reviews)

3. Chiffon Tassel Cover Up

This semi sheer bathing suit cover up is so pretty in different colors. While I love the black and white design, the pink and turquoise cover ups are gorgeous!

Recommended: Chiffon tassel cover up (see reviews with photos on Amazon)

4. Women’s Colorful Stripe Swimsuit Cover Up

I love this cute and colorful ladies cover up! It’s perfect to add to your Caribbean cruise packing list!

Recommended: Colorful stripe ladies cover up

5. Short Sleeve Hollow Out Beach Dress Tunic

Ilana swimsuit cover up
Crochet cover up in apricot color

This short sleeve crochet swimsuit cover up looks a bit more dressed up than most, although still very casual. It does run a bit short, so best for petite ladies or those who aren’t looking for longer coverage.

Recommended: Short sleeve crochet tunic style beach dress (check price & colors on Amazon here)

6. Sheer Lace Bikini Cover Up

This sheer lace bikini cover up is super flattering. I bought this for my last cruise in black, and love it over a black bikini or one piece swimsuit! However the white and other colors are gorgeous!

Ilana Bathing Suit Cover Up
I love this swimsuit cover up! Very easy to wear & just enough coverage

Recommended: Ladies short lace style swimsuit cover up (see reviews & price)

7. Women’s Swimsuit Cover Up Sundress

This bathing suit sundress cover up with tassels is so pretty, and comes in different colors. It looks great both on the cruise ship and on beach and boat excursions!

Recommended: Swimsuit cover up sundress with tassels (see colors, reviews & price on Amazon here)

8. V Neck Crochet Swimsuit Cover up

The crochet style cover up is lightweight with just enough coverage over your favorite swimsuit!

Recommended: Crochet swimsuit cover up (see other styles and lengths available) 

9. Plus Size Crochet Style Cover Up 

Available in both long sleeve and short sleeve options, this plus size crochet style swimsuit cover up is gorgeous! The sizes range from large-4x large plus and come in several beautiful colors.

Recommended: Plus size crochet swimsuit cover up

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10. Halter Style Swimdress

If you prefer a summer dress style cover up, this halter style swimdress is so versatile! You could even wear this for shopping in the cruise port after a beach day.

I love this pretty tropical pattern, however you may want to pick up one in a solid color as well!

Recommended: Halter style dress style cover up (check reviews & price on Amazon here)

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11. Ladies Button Down Shirt Style Cover Up

The open style of this button down cover up is gorgeous over a bikini or one piece style bathing suit. It’s just a bit sheer, and looks great in white, black and other pretty colors.

Recommended: Button down shirt style cover up (check various colors here)

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12. Short Sleeve Cover Up with Crochet Lace Detail

This short sleeve wide open v neck cover up is so pretty, while not showing too much skin. It does run a bit oversized, so make sure to pick your correct size or size down.

Recommended: Wide open neck cover up with crochet detail (see reviews for sizing & photos)

13. Cover Up Blouse Beach Tunic

This tunic style beach cover up is beautiful and flattering on women of different ages and sizes. The little sleeve and above the knee length will take you from your cruise cabin to the lido deck and beyond.

Recommended: Tunic style beach cover up (check price & Amazon reviews here) 

14. Crochet Hollow Out Tassel Swimsuit Cover Up

A pretty and unique design, this crochet swimsuit cover up is a winner! It has 3/4 sleeves and is somewhat see-through, but overall very flattering especially in white or black.

Recommended: Crochet swimsuit cover up with tassels

15. Long Sleeve UPF 50 Beachdress Cover Up

If you’re sensitive to the sun or going to be out for a long beach day, a long sleeve sundress style cover up (UPF 50) is a good idea. The UPF 50+ helps block out 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Recommended: Sundress cover up UPF 50 (see details and price here)

Long Swimsuit Cover Ups

Bathing suit cover up sarong

16. Crochet Beach Dress Bikini Cover Up

This long swimsuit cover up is so pretty. It’s so flattering and perfect for beach vacations and cruises!

Recommended: Crochet long sleeveless cover up (see reviews & photos on Amazon here)

17. Long V Neck Crochet Swimsuit Cover Up Dress

Crochet style cover ups are very flattering and look great, especially on Caribbean cruises and beach resorts! This midi length dress is so pretty!

Recommended: Long crochet cover up dress (see color options & amazing reviews here)

18. Kaftan Beach Cover Up

More like a beach dress, this kaftan style maxi beach dress is so pretty and colorful! This long cover up is available in several patterns to suit your personal style.

Recommended: Kaftan beach dress cover up

19. Embroidered Short Sleeve Kaftan Dress Cover Up

This long kaftan dress cover up has gorgeous embroidered details, and would look amazing to walk around the open decks of your cruise ship or the cruise port!

Recommended: Kaftan embroidered long swimsuit cover up

20. Kimono Style Beach Cover Up

Both trendy and flattering, this kimomo style beach cover up will look amazing on catamaran shore excursions and lounging on the lido deck! It’s available in several patterns and colors as well, to suit every woman.

Recommended: Kimono style cover up (check price & 12,000+ Amazon reviews here)

21. Open Front Swimsuit Cover Up Kimono Style

This kimono style open front cover up looks sexy with it’s cut out design and detailing, while still providing coverage over a swimsuit. While the white is very popular, it’s available in several bright colors as well.

Recommended: Kimono style open front cover up (see over 1000 reviews on Amazon here)

22. Lace Cardigan Style Swimsuit Cover Up

This cardigan style open swimsuit cover up is so pretty and lightweight for the pool or beach. The open style of this cover up can actually be worn over your cruise outfits as well.

Recommended: Cardigan style lace cover up (see reviews with photos – gorgeous!)

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Beach Sarong Bathing Suit Cover Ups

23. Short Sarong Wrap

A short sheer sarong wrap is perfect over a bikini for the lido deck on a cruise or for strolling on the beach!

This one is available in black (the most popular), but looks amazing in brighter colors as well.

Recommended: Short sarong (see price, styles & Amazon reviews here)

24. Long Sarong Wrap Cover Up

This sheer long sarong style swimsuit cover up can be worn in many different ways. Wrap the sarong around your waist over a one piece swimsuit or bikini, or tie over one shoulder for a pretty short dress look.

Recommended: Long sheer sarong wrap cover up (check price & amazon reviews here)

25. Fishnet Wrap Sarong Skirt

This fishnet style sarong is gorgeous for the beach and looks amazing over a bikini. If you’re doing a photo shoot for a special occasion or even instagram photos, this is a great look.

Recommended: Fishnet style sarong cover up skirt (see reviews & details here)

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Final Thoughts on Swimsuit Cover Ups for a Cruise

Having a swimsuit cover up or two is a must for ladies on any Caribbean or warm weather cruise. These cover ups are beautiful and affordable, and all conveniently available on Amazon.

I’ve shared short and long styles, so you can find the perfect bathing suit cover up for you!

What styles do you like best? If you have any of these, please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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