15 Most Popular Souvenirs to Buy on a Cruise Vacation

best souvenirs to buy on a cruise

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If you’re going on a cruise, you might be planning on buying a few souvenirs to remember your trip or bring home to loved ones. This includes things that you can buy duty and tax-free on a cruise or in cruise ports of call that will help you cherish the memories.

When I travel somewhere new, I often like to pick up an item at a local craft market, a piece or art or even a fun t-shirt to bring home. I’ve even been lucky enough to bring home a piece of jewelry a couple of times.

Looking for some new ideas, I asked those in the Life Well Cruised community for their top souvenir purchases. Here are some of the best things to buy on a cruise vacation.

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Best Souvenirs to Buy on a Cruise

cruise ship store
Cruise ship stores are only open when the ship is at sea

1. Model of the Cruise Ship

One of the most popular things avid cruisers buy on a cruise is a model of the cruise ship, which is usually sold in one of the ship’s gift shops. These cruise ship replicas are popular among collectors who try to get one of every ship they sail on.

2. Fridge Magnets

cruise fridge magnets

Souvenir fridge magnets sold on cruise ships or in ports or call are things that don’t take up a lot of room, making them a top purchase for cruisers. Souvenir magnets are a great reminder of places travelers have been and despite their smaller size, hold wonderful memories.

3. Shot Glass

Shot glasses might be the ultimate party cruise souvenir. Shot glasses can be found in cruise ports and tourist shops in most major cities.

However, some cruise lines sell limoncello or other liqueurs with a branded shot glass as a keepsake.

4. Jewelry

cruise jewelry to buy

Jewelry is probably my favorite thing to buy when on a cruise, but I’m not alone. Many cruise passengers say that buying jewelry on a trip has a special meaning.

In fact, people say the jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. From cruise charm bracelets and Inch of Gold to designer watches and diamond jewelry, these purchases are always appreciated.

5. Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornaments make a great souvenir from a vacation. Whether you’re on a Caribbean or Alaska cruise , you’ll find lots of destination themed ornaments in cruise ports of call.

On many cruise ships, you’ll also find cruise ship replica ornaments. If you don’t want the clutter vacation purchases, Christmas ornaments don’t take up much room and will bring back memories at the Holidays.

Tip: Cruisers share that you’ll want to get them on day 1 of your cruise or you might be out of luck.

6. Cruise Ship Swag

Cruise ship swag is one of the best things to buy on your cruise vacation. From cruise ship t-shirts (that some people collect from every cruise ship), to cruise logo baseball caps, cruise logo mugs and refillable water bottles, cruise merchandise make a fun and practical souvenir.

Some cruisers share how they’ll buy a logo piece of clothing, like a hoodie or a light jacket.

7. Cruise Port Merchandise

Similar to cruise ships, most cruise ports of call have many shops filled with souvenirs and local items for cruisers to purchase and bring home.

Destination t-shirts, tote bags, and sun hats make great gifts for kids and grandkids, as well as good souvenirs for cruise passengers. In many cruise ports you’ll find Harley Davidson stores and Starbucks location where you can pick up destination specific merchandise.

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8. Local Crafts

cruise port items to buy

Paintings and hand crafted items are common items for cruise travellers to buy as souvenirs. Hand made jewelry, wood carvings, sculptures and other art work are all great options.

9. Professional Photos

While some people say professional photos on cruises are a waste of money, many cruisers love having their photos taken by the photographers. Buying cruise photos from embarkation day, formal night and excursions is a souvenir filled with memories.

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10. Stuffed Mascot

cruise souvenirs stuffed toys

I love buying a stuffed toy or mascot on cruises and know I’m not alone. On recent cruises our family has purchased Princess Cruises’ mascot Stanley and a Carnival cruise ship stuffy for my dog Abby.

11. Food Items

cruise food item souvenirs in port

We don’t often think of food as a gift to bring home. However, there are some great items that many cruise travelers like to buy when they go on a cruise.

Some ideas include rum cakes in various flavors, hot sauce, vanilla, coffee and spirits.

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12. Designer Handbags

cruise stores designer handbags

Cruise ships have some pretty fantastic shopping opportunities. These days this includes the opportunity to buy designer and luxury handbags.

In fact, many cruise ships have pre-loved designer handbags for sale at a store What Goes Around Comes Around. This includes sought after purses and wallets from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Chloe and more.

It’s important to know that some of the bags will look like new, while others may have some wear.

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13. Lego Model of Cruise Ship

Some cruise lines sell cruise ship models in their onboard stores. This may vary by cruise ship, but cruisers report buying lego cruise ship models on MSC Cruises and Carnival cruise ships.

14. Playing Cards

Purchase playing cards in the cruise ship gift shop and use them onboard to play cards by the pool. Once home, they’ll be a fun reminder of your cruise holiday.

Tip: In some cases cruise passengers may be able to pick up free playing cards (used) from the cruise ship casino.

15. Future Cruise

next cruise future cruise booking onboard cruise royal caribbean

For the cruiser who has it all (or for everyone else), there’s probably no better souvenir than booking a future cruise while onboard. While the post-cruise blues might still be there, knowing you have another cruise booked lessens the sadness and gives you something to look forward to.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more things that you may want to buy while on a cruise vacation, according to frequent cruisers:

  • Tea Towels
  • License plate
  • Bottle opener
  • Spa lotions and gels
  • Swimsuit cover up

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Best things to buy and bring home from a cruise
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Final Thoughts on Best Souvenirs to Buy on a Cruise

According to cruise passengers, these are the best things to buy on a cruise, from souvenirs to bring home to friends and family, to items that are infused with positive memories.

What souvenirs do you like to buy on a cruise? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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