100 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Take a Cruise

100 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Take a cruise

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Can There Really Be 100 Reasons to Take a Cruise?

Ask any avid cruiser, and there sure can!

The fact is, cruising truly has something for everyone – and the awesome experiences are endless!

Whether you want to relax & unwind, have a fun-filled family holiday, party it up with new and old friends, or travel to your bucket list destinations –  there are at least 100 great reasons to take a cruise!

st thomas from cruise

While cruise travelers may have different reasons that they each love to cruise, at the heart for many, is the love of the ocean and travel.

If you haven’t take a cruise yet, which reasons appeal to you most?

If you already, what are your best reasons to cruise?

100 Amazing Reasons to Go on a Cruise

*in no particular order

Cruising is both relaxing and fun

1. To relax and unwind both like on no other vacation

2. To visit several different destinations, all in one trip

3. To unpack only once! Such ease of traveling

4. To feel your day to stresses lighten as you sail away from shore

Fort Lauderdale Sailaway on Regal Princess
There’s nothing like that Sailaway feeling…

5. To be taken care of while you’re on vacation (hello twice-a-day housekeeping!)

6. To wine and dine on the delicious cruise food, drink and coffee

7. To be adventurous and try new and different foods, risk free

8. To travel to places on your “bucket list”

Kotor Montenegro cruise ship
Beautiful Kotor, Montenegro. Photo courtesy of Sharon Swanton

Cruising brings you to places that you may not have otherwise gone

“Kotor, Montenegro was breathtakingly beautiful… so unexpected.” – Sharon Swanton

9. To see your kids have the best time, both on the cruise ship and off!

10. To take a family vacation where there’s great entertainment for parents, and an amazing kid’s club!

11. To make new friends on a cruise, that turn into lifelong friends

12. To see the most beautiful sunrises

Sunrise from a cruise balcony
Sunrise from the balcony. Photo courtesy of Candy Dupre

Cruising brings you closer to the sounds and sights of the sea

“The main reason I get a balcony on a cruise is for the breathtaking views and the tranquil sounds of the waves” Candy Dupre

13. To vacation in a floating hotel and see the world!

14. To visit several beaches all in one trip

15. To visit your very own cruise ship “private island”

Half Moon Cay Carnival Ship
Half Moon Cay Private Island. Photo courtesy of Michelle Bond Tarbush

 Cruise Line Private Island destinations offer a special experience

“Half Moon Cay, I could live there. I’d live in a hut if they’d let me!” – Michelle Bond Tarbush

16. To get away from work and routine

17. To learn something new

18. To learn to salsa dance

19. To learn to watercolor paint

20. To wake up to every day to a different view

There's nothing like waking up to find a new destination to explore quote Fiji LWC

21. To see places in the world, who’s environments are changing and may not exist in the same way in a few years

22. To go on vacation, and know you and your spouse will actually relax

23. To see the world, one cruise port at a time

24.To unpack once, yet visit any destinations

25. To reaffirm what you’ve always known – you just feel better by the sea

Celebrity Infinity
Always a wonderful cruise on Celebrity Infinity. Photo courtesy of Andrea Katz

27. To see places that were only in your dreams

28. To live your best life

29. To meet people from all over the world, both cruise passengers and crew

30. To go down some of the best waterslides, on a cruise ship at sea!

31. To have fun – yes fun!

Norwegian Joy Speedway having fun
Norwegian Joy – racing at the top of a cruise ship. Photo courtesy of Suzanne Beveridge

Cruise ships can be the destination!

“One of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had on a cruise was going go-karting on Norwegian Joy. Destinations are great, but this was racing at the top of a cruise ship!” – Suzanne Beveridge

100 Reasons Cruising is the Best Vacation Ever
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32. To enjoy a romantic dinner, while at sea

33. To be close to the ocean

34. To see dolphins swimming alongside your ship

35. To see the best sunsets (they’re just better at sea)

Sunset Aft view cruise
Beautiful aft view at sunset. Photo courtesy of Francine Chauvin

36. To watch a “drive-in” style movie under the stars, on a cruiseship!

37. To laugh, really laugh, at one of many cruise ship comedy shows

38. To leave your worries at the shoreline

39. To dance in the disco, even if you never go to clubs back home

Silent Disco celebrity Summit - Ilana and Frank LWC
Who says cruising is boring? We had a great time at the Silent Disco! – Ilana and Frank

40. To travel the world in style

41. To have an easy vacation, and still see everything you want

42. To have an adventure, and go off the beaten path

43. To see the beauty of nature in the world first hand

44. To see glaciers in Alaska

Alaska cruise
Breathtaking beauty of Alaska. Photo courtesy of Betty Lou Riel

Why cruise to Alaska?

“I met a lady from Chicago when we were walking in Alaska. She was crying so I asked her if she was ok. She said “It’s just so beautiful.” That was an emotional moment. To see such beauty brings you to tears” – Betty Lou Riel

45. To celebrate special occasions

46. To have a real vacation – no cleaning, no cooking

47. To spend quality time together as a family

48. To celebrate Christmas on a Cruise

49. To ring in the New Year at Sea

50. To have the ultimate multi-generational cruise – as there’s really something for everyone

Christmas Cruise Family Photo 6 x 4
Beautiful family photo celebrating Christmas on a cruise! Photo courtesy of Saeed Seed

51. To be able to travel accessibly, even if you’re in a wheelchair or have mobility issues

52. To eat well and safely, even if you have food allergies and dietary restrictions

53. To get dressed up and glamorous for dinner

54. To keep it casual and wear what you want

55. To be see amazing shows you couldn’t see anywhere else

symphony of the seas
The amazing Symphony of the Seas. Check out the Aqua show and the tallest slide at sea!

46. To be at sea and feel at home

57. To hear the sounds of the waves

58. To get rocked to sleep every night

59. To breathe in the salty sea air – it’s good for you!

The ocean and waves are therapeutic. Do you agree?

60. To disconnect from the rest of the world

61. To be closer to the amazing ocean

62. To live your best life

63. To have only easy decisions to make – buffet or main dining room? Martini or wine?

64. To go on vacation, and know you and your spouse will actually relax

65. To enjoy a glass of wine on your balcony with your favorite person in the world

Champagne at Sunset on a Cruise
Nothing like champagne at sunset on a cruise! Photo courtesy of Adele of Travel Savvy Diva

66. To get some ocean therapy

67. To sample places you’d love to return to for longer visits

68. To see the moon and stars at night, while out on the deep blue sea…

69. To have a vacation where you feel truly fulfilled

70. To see places in the world you likely wouldn’t otherwise get to see

dream cruise
Honeymoon cruise to beautiful Tallinn, Estonia. Photo courtesy of Nicole Bettinelli

Cruising to memorable places…

“Talliin, Estonia. My mother’s family is from there and I was dreaming since I was a little girl of going there. This was our Honeymoon Cruise.” – Nicole Bettinelli

71. To get the most value and price over any other vacation

72. To see marine life like whales, dolphins and flying fish

73. To give your kids amazing travel experiences

74. To never hear “I’m bored” or “I’m hungry” from anyone in the family

75. To do activities or take it easy on a sea day

Coco Cay Royal Caribbean
The Amazing Coco Cay! Photo courtesy of Beth Shaver Mynatt

76. To celebrate birthdays and anniversaries

77. To spend time with family and friends

78. To renew your vows

79. To meet your soul-mate (you never know … see story below)

80. To continue a cruising tradition with your kids

Cruising couple and family Adrienne
Adrienne and her husband were strangers before meeting on a Carnival Cruise 16 years ago! – photos courtesy of Adrienne Douglas Jennings

Cruising is romantic!

If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’ll love Adrienne’s true “love boat” type story. Adrienne and her husband were total strangers when they met in the dining room on the Carnival Jubilee 16 years ago.

Even though they lived in different states, they managed to date long distance until marrying just a couple of years later. They now have 2 beautiful children, and the whole family is hooked on cruising!

81. To be entertained with fun activities day and night

82. To go to informative lectures

83. To meet special guests

84. To chatting with like-minded people

85. To cruise with Celebrity Cruises, Captain Kate

Captain Kate and Ade Roberts Celebrity Cruise
Cruising with Captain Kate. Photo courtesy of Ade Roberts, CruiseImage

Just Why One Cruises

I asked Ade from CruiseImage, why he enjoys cruising. If a photo is worth a thousand words, then his video below, “Just Why One Cruises” is beyond measure! 

For more amazing cruise content, please follow Ade at  Cruise Image on Instagram.

86. To have everything taken care of – “hotel”, food, transportation

87. To feel right at home on your cruise, with much better service

88. To have a stress-free holiday

89. To vacation at an almost all-inclusive price

90. To have cruise drinks by the pool

91. To have cocktails in the evening

Carnival Cruise at sea
Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Horizon. Photo courtesy of Andrea Katz

What’s so amazing about cruising?

“Being at sea and the calmness and serenity. It’s like a moving city with everything you need on board. Best bang for your buck! Clean room, good food, and accommodations. Never bored and can be in a different place the next day” – Andrea Katz 

92. To get away during the winter for some much needed vitamin Sea

93. To enjoy the variety of food, almost 24/7

94. To go on new adventures at every port of call

95. To see the beauty of different lands

96. To see UNESCO Heritage sites

97. To have unique shore excursion options, no matter what destination you visit

Belfast Game of thrones exhibition
Game of Thrones Exhibition in Belfast , while cruising the British Isles – photo courtesy of Laurie Gentry-Goodale

Interesting things to see and do when on a cruise

“Many people didn’t know about the tour, but while cruising the British Isles and porting in Belfast, Ireland we happened to tour the Game of Thrones Exhibition. We saw the “burnt sets” from season 8 and actual props from the series” – Laurie Gentry-Goodale

100 Reasons to Cruise PIN image

Bucket list experiences on a cruise

98. To relive the nostalgia of the journey to America with a Trans Atlantic crossing on the QM2

99. To visit every Margaritaville in the Caribbean (if you’re a Parrothead, this is bucket list worthy!)

100. To have a “Love Boat” cruise experience with Princess Cruises

101. To experience cruising through the Panama Canal

102. To sail on a luxury cruise ship

103. To take a world cruise and see more destinations in 100 days than you ever through possible

104. To see the Northern Lights

105. To travel and create memories that will always be cherished

100 Reasons You Should Take a Cruise

Recap: 100 Reasons to Take a Cruise

Whether you’re cruising to relax and recharge, celebrate a special occasion, or see travel destinations that you’ve dreamed about – these are all great reasons to cruise!

Each cruise traveler might enjoy different experiences, but at the heart of it all is a love and connection to the sea.

Why do you enjoy cruising? Have you had any experiences that are particularly special? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy cruising!!

Ilana xoxo

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  1. December 11, 2019 / 2:00 am

    Thank you for a fun article. #12 see sunrise not going to happen. I retired 5 years ago. 25 years I got up at 4 AM to punch clock at 5:30. Now I have a 8:30 wake up curfew. I did break the rule once to see sunrise at Haleakala crater. Magnificent, November it was 34 with a wind Chile of17. Well worth the view. We are going on NCL Pride of America in November again. I have only Cruise NCL, but I think any cruise would be better than staying home.

    • December 14, 2019 / 9:20 pm

      Hi Russell,

      Oh my gosh, I get you! The sunrises are tough.. lol go with the sunsets! What an experience you had though!!

      Enjoy your upcoming cruise!! That one is on y wish list!


  2. Amelie
    January 21, 2020 / 8:24 pm

    We just booked a Mediterranean cruise with Celebrity for our honeymoon in August and could not be more excited! Looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful culture and scenery! Thanks for the article now I’m even more excited to leave!

    • February 3, 2020 / 4:21 am

      That’s wonderful Amelie. Congratulations on your honeymoon! I can’t imagine a better holiday and cruise destination!!

      Have a great cruise!!


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