Can You Bring a Razor on a Cruise?

Can you bring a razor on a cruise

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Are you going on a cruise and wondering if you can bring a razor on board? Sharp objects, knives and scissors are not permitted on cruise ships. However, personal grooming items are allowed on cruises.

can you take a razor on a cruise

Can I Bring a Razor on a Cruise?

You can bring a safety razor on a cruise. Cruise lines have lists of prohibited items on their websites, which includes knives, sharp objects, straight razor blades and open razors. However, you can bring personal grooming items, including a safety razor and cartridges. If you are using disposable razors, these are acceptable.

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Here are a few cruise line policies, from their websites

Royal Caribbean

In Royal Caribbean‘s prohibited items list, it states that “personal grooming items such as safety razors are allowed. Scissors with blade length less than 4 inches are allowed” as well.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line states that knives, scissors and open razors are prohibited.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line‘s list of prohibited items states that open razors are not allowed.

Personal Grooming Items

Cruise line allow you to bring personal grooming items, including electric shavers, hairdryers, curling irons and hair straighteners.

More Prohibited Items on Cruises

There is a fairly exhaustive list of things that are prohibited on cruise ships, and some may be surprising.

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