20 Best Things To Do On MSC Seascape – Activities & Ship Overview

MSC Seascape cruise ship things to do

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MSC Seascape is one of MSC Cruises’ newest ships and a great choice for cruisers interested in traveling on one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced cruise ships at sea.

With plenty of glamorous design details, state-of-the-art activities, and environmentally friendly features, MSC Seascape has a lot to offer.

I recently took my first MSC cruise on MSC Seascape and was impressed with the beautiful ship design, food quality and variety of activities for people of all ages.

With that being said, here are 20 great things to do on MSC Seascape.

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20 Things To Do On MSC Seascape

1. Experience the Bridge of Sighs

MSC Seascape Bridge of Sighs

When you go on the MSC Seascape, you have to experience the Bridge of Sighs. This skywalk bridge overlooks the Infinity Pool and offers stunning wake ocean views.

This attraction is like nothing I’ve ever experienced on any other cruise ship, and it’s a great location to take photos.

Around the Bridge of Sighs, you’ll find seating areas for lunch and the Sky Bar. Throughout my cruise vacation, I enjoyed sitting at the Sky Bar, as it has a calm vibe and offers great ocean views.

2. Relax at the Infinity Pool

MSC Seascape Infinity Pool

My favorite area on the MSC Seascape was the Infinity Pool. This adult-only pool area is absolutely gorgeous and a great place to relax throughout your cruise vacation.

This pool features lounge chairs, a bar, and a deck overlooking the ocean. Watching a sunset from the Infinity Pool deck was breathtaking and something that everyone has to experience.

I really enjoyed the Infinity Pool area because it has a calm and relaxing vibe. Furthermore, servers would go around and take drink orders, which added to the overall experience.

3. Try A Slice of Pizza

MSC cruise pizza

When you’re on the MSC Seascape, you must try a pizza slice!

Since MSC is an Italian cruise line, they are known for their delicious pizza. As a cruise pizza lover, I was skeptical about the pizza on MSC.

However, it certainly lived up to the hype when I gave it a try. Pizza will be available throughout the day and in the evenings at the buffet.

Since the pizza is so popular on MSC, you will always be able to get a hot and fresh slice.

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4. Experience Robotron

MSC Robotron

If you’re a thrill seeker, then you have to try Robotron. Robotron is one of the latest amusement rides at sea, and it is innovative and incredible.

This thrill ride overlooks the Marina Pool and offers stunning ocean views.

I must admit, I was too intimidated to go on this thrill ride! However, I talked to several cruisers who were brave enough to give it a try, and they said it was tons of fun.

5. Go For Dinner in The Main Dining Room

MSC Seascape main dining room dinner

MSC Seascape has a really good main dining room. With good quality food, fast and friendly service, and a versatile menu, you’ll enjoy the main dining rooms on this cruise ship.

The main dining room on MSC is separated into four separate restaurants. Here are the main dining restaurants on MSC Seascape:

  • The Green Wave
  • Cala Jondal Restaurant
  • Aegean Restaurant
  • Skyline Restaurant

The main dining room being split into four separate restaurants allows for a more intimate and enjoyable experience. Dining times are assigned, unless you’re in the MSC Yacht Club or have booked the Aurea experience.

Throughout our cruise we ate in The Green Wave. This restaurant had a nice decor, friendly service, and the food was always tasty.

6. Watch a Show At Chora Theater

MSC Seascape production show

If you’re looking for fun, family friendly entertainment, you’ll enjoy the entertainment in the Chora Theater. On MSC Seascape, there are a variety of dancing and singing shows as well as guest performances like magicians and comedians.

Watching a show at the Chora Theater is a great way to relax after dinner.

We saw Premiere, a theater show that involved singing and dancing during our cruise. This show was entertaining and appropriate for all ages. We also saw a comedian during our 7 day cruise.

7. Dance the Night Away At Cabaret Rouge

MSC Seascape Cabaret

Cabaret Rouge is an entertainment venue that turns into a nightclub in the evenings. If you like to dance, drink, and party, then you will really enjoy it.

Throughout our cruise, I spent many nights at the Cabaret Rouge. The music was great, a fun atmosphere, and the bar service was friendly and efficient.

One thing that surprised me about MSC is how late the parties go. The Cabaret Rouge would be open till 2 to 3 AM every evening. So, if you want to have fun at night, check out the Cabaret Rouge.

8. Enjoy Time with The Family at the Jungle Pool

MSC Seascape Jungle Pool

The Jungle Pool is the perfect spot for a family pool day. With comfortable lounge chairs, hot tubs, and a beautiful pool, it is a great place to go during a sea day.

Since the Jungle Pool is located right next to the arcade, kids’ club, and teens’ club, it will attract families. However, this pool area can get quite noisy, so it is something to consider if you are looking for a more relaxing vibe.

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9. Try Venchi Gelato

MSC Seascape Venchi

When you sail on MSC Seascape, you have to try Venchi Gelato. Located on deck 8 at the Infinity Pool and deck 16 at the Jungle Pool, Venchi Gelato is the perfect place for a cold treat.

Located on deck 6 is the Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar. Here, you can purchase delicious chocolates to eat on the cruise ship or to bring home as gifts.

10. Experience Specialty Dining

MSC Seascape Ocean Cay specialty restaurant

If you’re a foodie, then you will love the specialty dining onboard MSC Seascape. Onboard MSC Seascape, there are several specialty restaurants.

Here are the specialty restaurants you’ll find onboard MSC Seascape:

  • Butchers Cut
  • Ocean Cay
  • Kaito Teppanyaki
  • Kaito Sushi
  • Hola! Tacos & Cantina

During our cruise vacation, we had the opportunity to try Butchers Cut, Ocean Cay and Hola! Tacos & Cantina. The food and service were amazing, and these specialty dining venues made for an enjoyable dining experience.

11. Visit The Arcade

MSC Seascape arcade VR

MSC Seascape has an incredible video arcade called the Hall of Games. This arcade features classic arcade games, an F1 racing simulator, and virtual reality bikes.

Throughout my time on the MSC Seascape, the Hall of Games was always busy. This arcade is very popular among young kids and families looking to have a fun time.

12. Go On Waterslides

MSC Seascape waterslides

If you’re looking for an exciting thrill, check out the waterslides. MSC Seascape has four amazing waterslides.

There’s one children’s waterslide, a tube waterslide, and two racing waterslides in Pirate’s Cove. I tried all the waterslides, and they were super fun.

Although there are many activities on MSC Seascape, the waterslides are certainly worth trying.

13. Visit Pirate’s Cove

MSC Seascape Pirates Cove waterpark

If you’re cruising with young children, they will love Pirate’s Cove. This splash park has water cannons, waterslides, and waterfalls.

This area is great for kids because it has many fun attractions and a lifeguard on duty.

As a kid, I know that I would have spent most of my time on this cruise at Pirate’s Cove. This is the ultimate paradise for younger kids.

14. Enjoy the Various Bar Areas

MSC Seascape bars

There are plenty of bars onboard MSC Seascape, ranging from champagne bars to sports bars to poolside bars.

Whether it’s the daytime or evening, you’ll always be able to find a bar with something going on. Whether it’s live music, activities, or entertainment, MSC does a great job keeping its bar areas exciting.

Throughout the cruise, I would spend my evenings hanging out at the Seascape Bar. There was live music and dancing every evening, and the bar service was very friendly.

15. Spend Time at the Marina Pool

MSC Marina Pool

If you’re looking to tan, swim, or drink by the pool, then check out the Marina Pool. Located on deck 18, the Marina pool is the perfect place for an enjoyable pool day.

The Marina Pool is quiet in the mornings. As the day progresses, it will have music, activities, and evening parties on select days.

This was the most popular pool on the cruise ship, so if you want a good chair, you’ll want to get there early.

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16. Attend a Themed Party

MSC Seascape White Party

One of the things I enjoyed most about MSC Seascape was the variety of themed parties. Throughout the cruise, there was a white party on the lido deck and an 80s party in the promenade area.

These parties were so much fun! There was great music, dancing, and very fast bar service.

Overall, these parties are an amazing time for cruisers of all ages. Whether you’re cruising as a family, as a couple, or solo, you will have a blast at the themed parties on MSC Seascape.

17. Participate in Activities

MSC Seascape Culinary demonstration

On MSC Seascape, there is no shortage of activities. On sea days, fun and family-friendly activities occur throughout the day.

Activities ranging from culinary demonstrations to trivia and dance lessons are a great time for all cruise passengers. These would be happening in the main atrium, and they were really busy.

Throughout the evenings, cruisers can enjoy game shows like The Quest, karaoke, live music, and a live DJ in the nightclub.

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18. Go Shopping

There are some amazing shops onboard MSC Seascape. These shops range from gift shops to vacation wear and luxury items.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of flip-flops, sunglasses, or jewelry, you’ll be able to find it onboard MSC Seascape.

Compared to other cruise lines, MSC has some really solid shop options. During our sailing, they carried clothing from Armani Exchange, Lacoste, MCM, and other luxurious brands.

There’s also a gift shop that sells souvenirs, gifts, and other MSC Merchandise. Furthermore, there’s a duty-free shop that has great deals on tobacco products and alcohol.

19. Visit The Casino

MSC Seascape Casino

If you like to gamble, you can enjoy the casino at MSC. This casino is quite large and features slot machines, roulette tables, blackjack tables, and more.

There’s also an enclosed smoking section, which features smoke machines. The casino is open during sea days and evenings when not in a cruise port of call.

20. Take a Picture On the Crystal Staircase

One of the highlights of the MSC Seascape is the stunning crystal staircases. These staircases are magnificent and definitely catch your eye.

You must take at least one picture on the crystal staircase throughout your cruise. The staircase has great lighting, and taking photos makes for an incredible vacation memory.

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Final Thoughts On Things To Do On MSC Seascape

Whether you’re sailing on MSC Seascape or considering booking it, there’s no denying this cruise ship has a lot to offer. With plenty of activities and entertainment options, MSC Seascape is a great cruise line for everyone.

Although MSC is a cruise line that gets some mixed reviews, we were pleasantly surprised by our cruise experience onboard the MSC Seascape. The food was really good, the staff was friendly, and the ship was a stunner.

Overall, the MSC Seascape is a great cruise for families, couples, and solo travelers.

In this post, I shared the 20 things to do on MSC Seascape.

Have you ever cruised with MSC Cruises? Please let me know your questions and experiences in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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