50 Best Cruise YouTube Channels to Watch in 2021

Top 50 Cruise YouTube Channels 2021

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Looking for the best cruise YouTube channels to watch right now? Cruising is back and cruise YouTubers are sharing their experiences and information you need to know!
Whether you’re looking for cruise vlogs of the latest sailings, cruise ship tours, cruise news or cruise tips, you’ll find it on this list of top 50 cruise YouTube channels. While some of these cruise YouTubers and vloggers will be familiar favorites, other channels will be a new discovery.
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Top 50 Cruise YouTube Channels

50 Top cruise YouTube channels

About this Top 50 list:

This list of top 50 cruise YouTube channels is in no particular order. Each channel is different and each cruise content creator brings something special to the table.

Some content creators are relatively new, and have created a lot of amazing content during the pause in cruising. Other channels have ship tours and destination information that was made before the shutdown, equally valuable as you may be planning a future cruise.

This list will be reviewed and updated about once a year, so if you think that another channel deserves to be on this list, make sure to shout it out in the comments section below!

On the most part, these cruise YouTube channels are run by individuals, and not big brands. If you enjoy the content they create, please let them now by liking their videos and subscribing to their channels.

50 Favorite Cruise YouTube Channels and YouTubers

1. Cruise Tips TV

Cruise Tips TV brings you cruise vlogs, interviews, high quality ship, stateroom, packing and culinary videos and common-sense cruise-travel tips to maximize your cruising adventures. Sheri and her family are a great resource for first time cruisers and experienced travelers alike. Cruise Tips TV has been my go-to channel for years!

2. Don’s Family Vacations

Don Terris of Don’s Family Vacations shares cruise tips and cruise news in a unique and informative way. Creating daily videos, he doesn’t hold back on what he thinks of the latest cruise updates. Don shares, “No matter if you’re a first time cruiser or looking for information on ships, cruise lines, or destinations. you’ll find something here to help you in your journey.”

3. Tips for Travellers

Gary Bembridge from Tips for Travellers offers solid cruise advice on a wide variety of cruise lines. You’ll appreciate his cruise tips, information and breakdown of the cruise news. In Gary’s words, “I learnt that enjoyable and memorable cruise vacations don’t happen by chance. They are made and crafted through being well-informed, and then making intelligent choices at every single stage.”

4. La Lido Loca Cruise and Travel

Tony and Jenny are the fun and informative couple that make up the La Lido Loca YouTube channel. In addition to their cruise vlogs and cruise tips videos, you can catch Tony on the daily cruise news show, where he shares the latest cruise updates.

5. Sharon at Sea Travel

The Sharon at Sea Travel YouTube channel features Sharon, Jamie, & Matthew, a family that loves to travel. They share relatable information about cruising and traveling through our videos, reviews, tips, and more.


6. The Shiplife

The Shiplife YouTube channel features J. Alexander, a former cruise ship crew member. J shares his unique perspective on recent cruise news and offers cruise advice for future cruise travelers


7. Royal Caribbean Blog YouTube Channel

If you’re a Royal Caribbean fan or planning a future Royal Caribbean cruise, this is THE YouTube channel to watch! Matt Hochberg from Royal Caribbean Blog shares awesome cruise tips, news and information and is truly a wealth of Royal Caribbean knowledge!

8. Eat Sleep Cruise

If you’re looking for detailed cruise news, cruise tips and informative cruise ship tours, you’ll appreciate the videos on the Eat Sleep Cruise YouTube channel. DB and Princess, as the duo is known, also have some great cruise vlogs!

9. Emma Cruises

Emma from Emma Cruises shares ship reviews, cabin tours, cruise vlogs, and cruise booking tips and tricks. If you’re considering taking your first cruise, or are interested in learning more about a certain cruise line or ship, you’re in the right place!

10. Morgan’s Very Unofficial Travel Guides

If you want honest cruise reviews and fun, yet informative cruise and travel vlogs, Morgan’s Very Unofficial Travel Guides is for you. Morgan is an American living in Germany and he’s actually been on several cruises during in 2020 & 2021 where he has documented what cruising is really like.

11. Cruise with Ben and David

Cruise with Ben and David are a married couple who share cruise tips, news, ship tours and vlogs. They pride themselves on honest reviews and opinions. As a viewer, you’ll be hooked on this fun and energetic cruise channel!


12. Sean & Stef

Sean and Stef are professional filmmakers that have shared incredible cruise ship tours and travel vlogs with cruisers and the cruise community. Sadly, Sean passed on in 2021, however Sean & Stef’s channel remains and is full of inspirational and helpful cruise content. 


50 Cruise YouTube Channels - Cruise News, Tips & Vlogs
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13. EECC Travels

Alisa and Jason from EECC Travels, along with their sons, offer great cruise travel tips and family cruise vlogs. Check out their cruising and travel adventures.

14. Life Well Cruised

Ilana (yes, that’s me) from Life Well Cruised shares cruise tips and advice for both new and veteran cruisers. Find cruise packing tips and hacks, cruise news, and cruise vlogs of both cruise ships and cruise port destinations to help you plan your next cruise.


15. Chad Cruisers

Chad Cruisers is made up of two travel, cruise and lifestyle vloggers Brad and Chris from Toronto, Canada. They love to travel by cruise ship as well as exciting and unique destinations from around the world and our their own backyard. If you’re a Princess Cruiser, you’ll enjoy their Princess cruises videos and ship tours.


16. Alanna Zingano

Alanna Zingano’s YouTube channel has some great cruise tips and travel advice for both first time and repeat cruisers. Check out the channel for ship tours, cruise vlogs, awesome interviews and more.


17. Cruzely

The Cruzely YouTube channel has videos full of valuable tips and advice about planning your next cruise. The content is great for anyone taking a cruise, whether you are a first-time passenger or have sailed time and again. 


18. Porthole Cruise 

Porthole Cruise and Travel, hosted by Bill Pannoff, features informative and interesting cruise industry interviews, cruise ship tours and cruise updates. 

19. Captain Kate McCue

Did you know that Celebrity Cruises’ Captain Kate McCue has an awesome, informative cruise YouTube channel? If you’re a cruise fan (from any cruise line), you have to check it out. 

As she explains in her channel description, “This is not your Love Boat or Captain Stubing… This is a real glimpse at the Captain’s life on a mega cruise ship!”. You’ll get insight on a “Captain’s career, her ship, crew, & trusty sidekick (a hairless cat named Bug Naked) & of course the adventures that only a life at sea can bring.”


20. Cruise Fever

On the Cruise Fever YouTube channel, you’ll find great cruise ship tours, plus cruise tips and advice for first timers and seasoned cruisers. This channel is run by 2 brothers who are passionate cruise travelers.


21. Cruise Radio

On the Cruise Radio YouTube channel, you’ll find short daily cruise news updates plus a variety of cruise ship tours from Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America, Celebrity Cruises and others. Cruise Radio was launched in 2009 as a resource for cruisers that were looking for ship reviews, port tips, and money saving advice.

Doug shares a daily dose of cruise news, in just a few minutes, a great way to keep up with all the latest updates.

22. Griff & Alyssa

Griff and Alyssa share fun, honest and beautifully filmed cruise YouTube videos! You’ll find awesome cruise vlogs, ship tours and cruise port vlogs as well as cruise tips.


23. Paul and Carol Love to Travel

Paul and Carol are a fun couple who share their honest travel experiences and hope to inspire and help viewers make an informed choice when booking their next trip. You’ll find useful cruise ship information and tours, hotel reviews, and destination guides.


24. Talking Cruise

Talking Cruise presents the latest news, cruise ship tours and topics from around the world of cruising in a fun and unique format. The host of Talking Cruise, Chris Cardona, is passionate about all things related to cruising.


25. Scott Singer Cruises

Scott Singer Cruises videos are always fun and informative! You’ll find ship tour videos, cruise vlogs, cruise planning, and everything else cruise related!


26. Cruise Hive

Cruise Hive features videos about major cruise lines and cruise news. If you enjoy cruise tips and information, this cruise YouTube channel is worth the watch.


27. Visit with Us

Rich and Helen from the Visit with Us YouTube channel share videos about luxury cruising. You’ll find cruise tips and cruise ship tours, all beautifully filmed!


28. Mr. & Mrs. Traveler

Mr. & Mrs. Traveler are a fun couple that believes “Life’s short… Have fun!”. On their YouTube channel, they share cruise tips, reviews and cruise news and chats.


50 Top Cruise YouTube Channels to Watch Right Now
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29. Travelling with Bruce

Bruce Frommert of Travelling with Bruce, is a resource of information for all things cruise news, cruise trends and travel updates. In his videos, Bruce shares detailed explanations and his take on the current state of cruising.


30. Sal Pitera

Sal Pitera has a popular cruise and travel YouTube channel with cruise cruise information, how to’s and “amazing photography from the crazy mind of Sal Pitera”.


31. Harr Travel

Harr Travel specializes in cruise ship tours (cruise cabins and full ship tours), as well as other types of land vacations. On this channel you’ll find helpful cruise news and information, and cruise ship tours you’ll enjoy.


32. Chris Wong Vlogs

Chris Wong is a member of the Royal Caribbean crew. On the Chris Wong Vlogs YouTube channel, Chris shares his experiences about cruise ship life, as well as some awesome Royal Caribbean cruise ship tours.


33. Same Ship Different Day

Alfie Smith, from Same Ship Different Day is an officer working on a cruise ship. He has shared videos about being on Coral Princess as cruising was paused. You’ll learn information about cruise ships and cruising from a ship’s officer’s perspective.


34. The Curious Lens of Martina from Argentina

Martina, from The Curious Lens of Martina from Argentina, is a crew member onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Martina shares information and her experiences as a cruise ship crew member and a travel lifestyle. If you’re a crew member or cruise passenger, this is a channel to watch!

35. Cruising with Wheels

The YouTubers at Cruising with Wheels are a married couple, one who is in a wheelchair. Since they find cruising to be the best option for their vacations, their YouTube channel focuses on everything about cruising and primarily handicap accessibility. You’ll  see ship accessibility, cabin tours, ship tours, shore excursions and cruise vlogs. 


50 Top Cruise Youtube Channels You'll Love
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36. Sea Cruisers

Amy from Sea Cruisers shares cruise vlogs, cruise ship and cabin tours as well as interesting destination videos. You’ll enjoy bring brought along with the Sea Cruisers crew, as they cruise on several different cruise lines.


37. Jim Zim

The Jim Zim YouTube channel is a hybrid of Jim Zimmerlin’s three passions: cruise ships, model trains, and puppies. As Jim says, “if you’re in to Caribbean cruises, G-scale model railroads, or cute little pups… you’ll love these videos!”


38. Chris Frame

The Chris Frame YouTube channel features videos about the history of cruise ships, ocean liners and maritime history. You’ll also find cruise interest stories, cruise news and lots of Cunard content.


39. Cruise Passion

Victoria is the YouTuber behind Cruise Passion. She says, “I produce cruise ship videos, from cruise ship tours to cruise ship events. I bring you along on all of my cruise adventures from all around the world.”


40. Solo Cruisers

The Solo Cruisers YouTube channel presents videos, that are according to the creator “honest and real as you can get and will give you a vision of what it really is like cruising on various line, the good the bad and the ugly.” If you’re a solo cruiser, you’ll find some helpful solo cruise tips.


41. Cruise with Josh

Josh Hocum is the Cruise YouTuber and Vlogger behind Cruise with Josh. You’ll find room tours, ship tours, resort stays, food reviews, best excursions to do on each island, ship reviews, and full recaps along with a fun and outgoing take on cruising!


42. Popular Cruising

On the Popular Cruising YouTube channel, you’ll find cruise reviews and tour videos; featuring the newest ships, covering every cruise style (ocean cruising, river cruising and expedition cruising), previewing upcoming ships, reviewing onboard experiences and sharing shoreside excursions (in 4K Ultra HD).


43. DCL Fan

Are you a Disney Cruise Line fan? Keep up with the latest news and Disney Cruise info and tips on the DCL Fan YouTube channel.


44. ParoDeeJay

ParoDeeJay is a fan favorite combo channel of cruising videos, travel and parody and musical entertainment from Dee & Jay. They say they love to create challenge videos, cruise vlogs, couples gaming, cooking videos, and anything else that makes them laugh. 

45. Cruise Nostalgia

Cruise Nostalgia is a very different type of cruise YouTube channel. If you love a bit of old school cruising, you’ll find videos about cruise ships from the past, including nostalgic cruise line commercials and promotional videos.

Personally, I get a kick out of the kitschy cruise advertisements from the 1970’s and 80’s in particular!


46. Travel Scouts

Jason and Kellie from Travel Scouts have “a goal to help YOU by bringing the latest information on cruise lines, ships, excursions, and of course, all those great tips that will make your vacation unforgettable!” Plus, if you’re planning a Carnival cruise, you’ll find some great videos and tips!

47. JJ Cruise

JJ Cruise are a married, millennial couple who LOVES CRUISES! In their own words “Our focus is to provide tips on travel, recommendations on all things cruising and to have tons of fun while doing it!”. Jordan and Jarred have an infectious energy and are lots of fun to watch!

48. Nautical Nurse Nancy

On the Nautical Nurse Nancy YouTube channel you’ll find fun cruise vlogs and adventures in cruise ports! She definitely looks like she’s having fun and enjoying that cruise life! In her own words “I love sharing our cruise adventures and cruise tips in a creative way!”.

49. Jordan Bauth 

Jordan Bauth is a professional figure skater for Royal Caribbean. She shares her experiences and her life onboard a cruise ship. In her own words “This channel is a way to express all my passions as well as give you an inside look at my life and all the amazing things I get to experience. I also post tons of different lifestyle content! (vlogs, fashion, travel, and makeup videos)”.

50. Travel Spree

Fain and Laura from Travel Spree are a lot of fun to watch and have some great cruise and travel information on their YouTube channel.

In their own words, “We are Fain and Laura, an interracial couple, making family friendly, Travel Vlogs. Our goal with this channel is to bring you with us to experience what the world has to offer. We also plan to offer hassle-free travel advice, cruise tips, and other how-to travel advice around common mishaps you might have when it comes to certain types of travel.”

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Final Thoughts: 

I hope that you enjoyed this list of fabulous cruise YouTubers. Whether you’re interested in cruise news, cruise tips, cruise ship tours, cruise crew life, or cruise destinations – you’re bound to find many Cruise YouTube Channels to love!

Do you love podcasts? Here’s a list of 15 cruise podcasts to listen to right now!

Which cruise YouTube channels are your favorites? If there’s a channel I missed that deserves to be on this list, please leave a comment so we can check it out!

Happy Cruising!!


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  1. Bill Rebiero
    May 15, 2021 / 3:44 am

    Cruise With Akshay YouTube Channel is good from Asia. As his accent is Indian which is good to understand for Asian People Rather US accent.

  2. July 28, 2021 / 8:12 pm

    I love the port guides from this family the Jelly Beans. ❤️

  3. Vincent Loumi
    July 29, 2021 / 6:06 am

    The channel of cruises and travels crew is nice too, i follow on youtube

  4. John K
    July 30, 2021 / 4:25 am

    The Tyler Show is one of my Favorite cruise creators I follow on the platform. He always provides good coverage of events in the cruise industry and his editing of his videos are some of the best I have seen to date when it comes to cruise videos.

  5. Stephanie McClure
    July 30, 2021 / 7:02 pm

    My husband and I enjoy watching many of these channels, and will check out some of the new names we’ve seen. We also have a channel called The Cruise World. We do vlogs, ship tours, trivia, news, and parodies. We’d love for you to check us out!

    • July 31, 2021 / 2:34 pm

      Hi Stephanie,

      Glad you enjoy some of the channels on this list. Amazing that you and your husband have a channel as well. I’m happy to know about it and will check it out 🙂


  6. July 2, 2023 / 8:21 pm

    Join us on Doris Visits @DorisVisits we don’t make opinions, just show what is there. Love to cruise.

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