Princess Cruises Rolls Out New Flexible and Enhanced Dining Options Across the Fleet

princess cruises new dining options major changes

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In exciting news, Princess Cruises is rolling out new and enhanced dining options across all Princess cruise ships. Three table service options will be now be available to guests in the main dining rooms; traditional, flexible and walk-in anytime.

Having experienced the new dining room choices which debuted on Sun Princess, it’s clear that the flexible dining experience has a huge appeal to passengers, no matter their preference. In addition to three sit down dining options, Princess guests can also access OceanNow delivery service to order meals and snacks almost anywhere on the ship.

How Will Princess Cruises New Dining Options Work?

Sun Princess main dining room
Sun Princess Horizons Dining Room

Princess Cruises shares that there will be three designated separate dining rooms aboard every ship in the fleet, to support the table service options (exceptions – Coral Princess and Island Princess which will combine reservable and walk-in Anytime Dining).

Choice #1: Passengers who prefer a traditional cruise ship dining experience, can book early or late seating every evening.

Choice #2: Passengers who enjoy a reserved dining time each evening that may vary, will enjoy reservable dining times.

Choice # 3: Passengers who want even more flexibilty, can join the open seating dining room, which caters to walk-in guests.

Three Table Service Options and OceanNow

According to a Princess Cruises press release “The three table service options integrate with the line’s unparalleled OceanNow, which provides guests the convenience of ordering anything, anytime, and receiving it anywhere onboard, making Princess uniquely positioned to accommodate all guest dining preferences.”

The New Dining Format Is a Hit on Sun Princess

sun princess love boat dream dessert
Popular Princess Cruises dessert favorite Love Boat Dream

Sami Kohen, Princess Cruises vice president of food and beverage, explains further “Our guests have been delighted with the dining flexibility aboard Sun Princess and we’re pleased to extend the concept to all the other ships in our fleet. Now whether guests prefer an early seating every evening, or change things up every night, or even change their mind, these flexible dining options ensure that their dining preference is effortlessly accommodated.”

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When Will the New Enhanced Dining Options Be Available to Guests?

Starting on April 15, 2024, the new approach will launch on Princess voyages departing September 14, 2024 and beyond. To support these changes and the transition to the new system, main dining reservations that already have been made for voyages sailing September 14 and beyond for any ship except Sun Princess will be cancelled. Main dining reservations for guests sailing through September 13 will not be affected.

Starting June 17, booked guests will be able to use the app ahead of their voyage to opt for traditional seating in a dedicated dining room with the same waiter, same table and same time each night, or flexible dining, allowing them to enjoy dinner at any available time and table size of their choosing in either the Reservable or Open Seating dining rooms.

This change does not affect guests booked in specialty dining restaurants or suite or reserve collection accommodations, who enjoy a dedicated dining room on Princess ships, where no reservations are required.

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Final Thoughts

Having experienced the Horizons main dining room options on a recent Sun Princess cruise, I’m not surprised that this new concept has quickly gained popularity. It reinforces the idea that a cruise vacation really does offer something for everyone, even when it comes to dining.

What do you think of Princess Cruises new dining experience? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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