Celebrity Cruises Cancellation dates: Resumption of Service and Compensation Offers

Celebrity Cruises Cancellation and Itinerary Updates - Compensation offers

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Celebrity Cruises Cruise Resumption of Service Dates, Compensation Options and Cancellation Policy

Celebrity Cruises, like all cruise lines, are dealing with the world health situation and port closures and have extended their suspension of cruising for an additional 30 days. They’ve also modified and adapted cruise itineraries where possible, which has impacted Alaska and Canada/New England Cruises through the end of June 2020.

In this post, we will go though the sailings impacted, as well as the compensation options offered to cruise passengers.

When Will Celebrity Cruises Resume?

Celebrity has suspended all cruises globally until May 11, 2020.

Alaska Cruises: Alaska sailings are suspended until July 1, 2020.

Modifications to Canada/New England itineraries: The Celebrity Summit sailings on May 19, May 28 and June 16 have been modified due to the current situation and port closures. 

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Compensation Offers for Cruises Canceled by Celebrity

As had been announced during the 30 day suspension of cruises, Celebrity continues to offer 2 compensation options.

For those who are on canceled cruises, they can opt for 2 options.

1. A 125% Future Cruise Credit (FCC) which can be used up until December 31, 2021

2. A 100% refund of the cruise

Celebrity Cruises points out that the 125% Future Cruise Credit will be automatically applied (no phone calls needed), however those who prefer a full refund may contact Celebrity anytime up until the expiry date of the credit.

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What happens to shore excursions and other onboard packages that may have been purchased?

Pre-booked onboard packages including specialty dining and internet, have similar options available.

A 100% refund can be taken by guests, or you may choose to have the value of these pre-cruise purchases as an On Board Credit (OBC) on your future cruise.

Important – this does have a time deadline, so please see your reservation and the options available, and discuss with your travel adviser or Celebrity Cruises directly.

As always, please verify information for your specific booking with the cruise line or your T.A.

Cruise with Confidence – Cruise cancellation policy during these unprecedented times

We all hope that life and travel and cruising will be “back to normal” as soon as possible. However, since cruise lines recognize that times are less certain, Celebrity has implemented a Cruise with Confidence policy.

Basically, the way this works is if you book a cruise with Celebrity, and for whatever reason aren’t able to go, you may cancel your cruise up until 48 hours before your cruise. At that point you’ll receive the amount any usual cancellation fees back as a Future Cruise Credit.

As always, consult the Celebrity Cruises website and/or your travel agent for details pertaining to your specific cruise reservation.

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Recap: Celebrity Cruises Cancellation dates: Resumption of Service and Compensation Options

Celebrity Cruises has announced a continued voluntary suspension of their cruises due to the current situation. In addition to announcing more cruise cancellation dates, they’ve also announced some modifications to specific itineraries, due to port closures.

Compensation for guests has been announced as well, with 2 offers to choose from. Celebrity’s Cruise with Confidence cancellation policy continues through this time.

Have you been impacted by these changes and cancellations? Please let me know what you think of the policies and offers in the comments below.

Happy future cruising!

Ilana xoxo

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