15 Best Things to Do in Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve (Port Guide)

Ocean Cay Marine Reserve Cruise Port

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If you visit Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, you’re in luck! Ocean Cay is a newer private island, and cruisers love it. In fact, many cruisers consider Ocean Cay the ultimate private island for beach days.

MSC owns Ocean Cay Marine Reserve, which can only be reached by cruise ship. At Ocean Cay, you’ll find eight stunning beaches, fun activities, an incredible lighthouse, and more. 

Royal Caribbean owns Perfect Day at CocoCay, which can only be reached by cruise ship. At CocoCay, you’ll find stunning beaches, a waterpark, fun activities, excursions, included food, and more.

In this post, I share a complete Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve port guide, including the attractions, free things to do, shore excursions, bars, and dining venues. With that being said, here are 15 things to do when you visit Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

Where Is Ocean Cay?

Ocean Cay Marine Reserve MSC

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is a manmade island in the Bahamas. This beautiful private island is located 65 miles southeast of Miami and 20 miles south of Bimini.

In fact, Ocean Cay is closer to Florida than many other cruise lines’ private islands, including Half Moon Cay, Perfect Day at CocoCay, and Castaway Cay.

Since Ocean Cay is so close to Port Miami, ships can stay in port late into the evening and return to Florida by morning.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve Map

Ocean Cay Map

Things To Know Before Going To Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

Here is some important information you’ll want to know before visiting Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve:

  • Your drink package works on the private island.
  • There is a complimentary shuttle that brings you around the island.
  • There are stands around the island to return your used to towels.
  • Wi-Fi packages work on the island.
  • There’s a complimentary buffet and drink stations.

Free Things to Do at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

MSC Ocean Cay

Visit the Beaches

The great thing about visiting Ocean Cay is the wonderful beaches. With 8 separate beaches, this private island is built to have the perfect beach day.

Here are the beaches at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve:

MSC Ocean Cay Beach

At least one lifeguard is on duty on every one of Ocean Cay’s eight beaches. Due to the size of the lagoons, there will also be in-the-water lifeguards available.

Seakers Family Cove

Seakers Family Cove is a family beach with shallow waters. This makes it safe and easy for younger kids to play in the water.

South Beach

South Beach is the longest beach on the island. Here, you’ll find crystal-clear waters, which is ideal for water sports, activities, and swimming.

North Beach

North Beach is located right next to South Beach. It is a great beach for swimming and tanning in the sun.

Bimini Beach

Bimini Beach is located farthest from the cruise port and is an ideal choice for a quiet and relaxing beach day. Since this beach is secluded, the nearest bar is a few minutes away.

Lighthouse Bay

Lighthouse Bay offers stunning views of the lighthouse, which is ideal for taking pictures. This lively beach is a great place to have a drink and relax.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is located on a half-mile-long stretch of sand. This beach is perfect for swimming and watching the sunset.

Paradise Sands

Paradise Sands is located right next to The Spa. This beach is peaceful and quiet, ideal for a relaxing beach day.

Ocean House Beach

Ocean House Beach is a private beach dedicated to Yacht Club Beach. This beach has it’s own private bar and restaurant.

Play Beach Sports

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve has a dedicated area for beach sports. You’ll find activities like beach volleyball, beach soccer, bocce ball, and disc golf.

During our visit to Ocean Cay, beach volleyball and beach soccer were popular among the guests. If you want to have fun under the sun, you will enjoy these activities.

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Enjoy Lunch

One of the great parts about visiting Ocean Cay is the complimentary lunch. The lunch is buffet-style, and you’ll find a variety of sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and other delicious foods.

The lunch line can get quite long, so plan accordingly!

We ate on the cruise ship during our recent visit to Ocean Cay instead of at the complimentary buffet. After we ate lunch on the cruise ship, we walked onto the island and enjoyed our day at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

If you want something different, there are food trucks and restaurants around the island. Although, these come at an extra charge.

Tip: Don’t forget to pack a beach bag with your port day essentials.

Grab a Drink!

Drinks on Ocean Cay MSC Private Island

If you have a drink package, then you can enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages at the various bars located around the island. 

Here are the bars at Ocean Cay:

Lighthouse Bar

The Lighthouse Bar is located on the beach near the lighthouse. It offers stunning views and is a great place to relax and grab a drink.

During our Ocean Cay visit, we spent an hour hanging out at this bar and taking pictures on the beach.

Tiki Bars

There are eight Tiki Bars located around the island. These bars offer quick service and amazing beverage options.

Springer’s Bar

Springer’s Bar is located near the marina and offers authentic Bahamian cocktails. Founded by a local Bahamian family, this bar has an amazing vibe and is a great place to enjoy a cocktail.

Watch the Lighthouse Light Show

Ocean Cay Marine Reserve Lighthouse lightshow

When you visit Ocean Cay, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the lighthouse show. On cruises in port late, the light show can be seen from lighthouse bay.

On a recent cruise onboard MSC Seascape, our all-aboard time was at 8:00 PM, so we got to watch the light show from the cruise ship during dinner in the main dining room. The captain positioned the cruise ship to get a great view of the lighthouse as we left Ocean Cay.

This was a great opportunity to take photos, enjoy the light show, and make lifelong memories.

Cruising on MSC Seascape? Watch this video before you go

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Things to Do at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve (Extra Cost)

Rent a Cabana

Ocean Cay Marine Reserve MSC Cabana

Cabana rentals are perfect for those who want their own secluded space or want to escape the sun. The cabana rental can hold up to 6 guests and include fresh water and towels.

Furthermore, the cabana rental include beach chairs, so you can relax and enjoy your day at Ocean Cay.

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Go Shopping

Ocean Cay has amazing authentic Bahamian shops. This is a great place to buy souvenirs and gifts for those at home.

In the shops, you will find handmade souvenirs and local music. Souvenirs and gifts can be purchased in USD, making shopping easy and convenient for cruise travelers.

Rent a Paddleboard

If you enjoy water sports, then you’ll want to rent a paddle board. Paddle boarding is a fun activity and a great way to stay active while you’re visiting Ocean Cay.

At Ocean Cay, there will be a paddleboarding excursion. This excursion lasts an hour and a half and is well-suited for paddleboarders with any level of experience.

Rent a Kayak

Consider renting a kayak if you want a fun way to explore Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. Kayak rentals last for an hour, and they fit up to two people.

This is a super fun activity and a great way to see the private island from a different perspective.

Rent a Floating Beach Mat

A floating beach mat is a great way to relax in the sun and enjoy the beach. At Ocean Cay, guests can rent a floating beach mat for the whole day.

When we visited Ocean Cay, the floating beach mats were super popular, and many people used them.

Go Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a great way to see the wonder marine life at Ocean Cay. On the island, you can rent snorkeling equipment for the whole day and truly experience the marine life.

Do a Waverunner Tour

If you’re looking for a thrilling excursion, check out the Wave Runner Tour. This guided tour is a great way to see the private island and it’s tons of fun.

The Wave Runner’s fit two people and the tour lasts for an hour and a half.

Shipwreck Excursion

If you’re looking for an adventure, check out the shipwreck excursion. On this tour, you will board a boat and visit a shipwreck near a private island.

Here, you can snorkel and explore the shipwreck, which is a really cool experience. Once you’re done snorkeling, you can grab a complimentary rum punch and relax on the boat.

Go on a Sunrise Mimosa Cruise

If you want to start your morning right, consider booking the sunrise mimosa cruise excursion. For this excursion, board a double-decker catamaran.

On this excursion, you will enjoy a mimosa as the sun rises. It is very relaxing and the perfect way to start your day.

Climb The Lighthouse!

Ocean Cay Marine Reserve Lighthouse

If you want a 360-degree view of the island, you can climb the lighthouse. This activity takes 30 minutes, and its a great place to take amazing photos.

During the climb, your guide will share information about the island. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Ocean Cay and Bahamian history.

Video: MSC Ocean Cay Island Tour

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Things to do in Ocean Cay Marine Reserve
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Final Thoughts on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

Well, there it is, everything you need to know about Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

Ocean Cay has a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach day, doing fun activities on the beach, or an exciting excursion, there is something for everyone.

The great thing about Ocean Cay is its wonderful beaches. Each beach has a different vibe, so there is something for families, couples, and solo cruisers.

If your cruise stops at Ocean Cay, you’ll have an amazing and memorable day!

Have you ever been to MSC’s private island Ocean Cay or are you planning to? Please let me know what you enjoyed in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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