15 Best Tips for Cruising in an Inside Cabin: cabin organization and more

15 best tips for cruising in an inside cabin

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How To Make an Inside Cabin Work for You – Cruise Cabin Organization and More

If you’re cruising in an inside cabin, these 15 tips will help you make the most of your cruise and cabin space.

You’ll often hear that if you’re not cruising in a balcony, you may as well not cruise at all. As someone who has cruised in Inside cabins, Oceanview cabins and Balcony cabins, I don’t believe that to be true.

As a matter of fact, there are many people who choose to cruise in an inside cabin, most of the time, for a variety of reasons.

Of course, this isn’t to say that having a balcony or veranda cabin isn’t a wonderful. The cabin is larger and you have your own private outdoor space.

However, the reality is that a balcony cabin can cost significantly more than an inside cabin. In some cases this might mean that by booking inside cabins, you can cruise more often.

Is that worth it? I think so.

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What do cruisers love about inside cabins?

Celebrity Summit Inside Cabin 6 x 4

While balconies and oceanview cabins have their advantages, many cruise passengers just love their interior cabins!

Here are some reasons:

Cruisers in inside cabins report getting an amazing night’s sleep. It’s nice and dark when you want it to be.

Cruise ships often have a pretty large selection of inside cabins, so there’s a good choice of cabins that are mid-ship or aft, reducing the chances of being affected by seasickness.

Value and price – inside cabins are almost always much cheaper than balcony and even ocean view cabins, providing the best value on board!

We all have access to the top decks and promenade decks, so if you do cruise in an inside cabin, you’ll have many opportunities to experience those gorgeous sea views!

15 best tips for cruising in an inside cabin
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If you’re cruising in an inside cabin, these tips will help with cruise cabin organization, space saving and more.

Organizing an inside cabin

One of the best ways to make an inside cabin work for you and feel more spacious, is to keep your cabin organized. If you are more than 2 people, like a family of 3 or 4, it’s especially important (to keep your sanity).

Celebrity Summit inside quad cabin 6 x 4

Here are some favorite cruise cabin hacks that are especially useful for those cruising in inside cabins.

1. Store your empty luggage under the bed

After you’re done unpacking, put one piece of luggage into the other and slide them under the bed, or ask your cabin attendant for help.

2. Request extra hangers from your room steward

Hanging up most clothing items is often a space saver. I also find that clothes are less likely to be wrinkled.

Don’t bring these from home – your cabin attendant can bring you lots of extra hangers, trust me!

3. Use packing cubes

One way to make unpacking goes faster and make it just plain easier, is to use packing cubes.

I am an awful over-packer (and may even need therapy), but one day I will use these to make my life easier!!

These packing cubes, sold on Amazon, get great reviews and often have a coupon:  Packing Cubes (Amazoon link)

4. Bring an over the door “shoe” organizer

Putting all those bottles of “stuff”, hair brushes and first-aid kit items in long pocketed shoe organizers is the best way to keep stuff organized and out of the way.

One of the best tips I’ve ever heard, is to pack it up at home, then have it ready to hang once you get to your cabin. One of the best cruise packing tips ever!

This simple one is inexpensive and practical – Over the door organizer for cruise cabins

5. Bring foldable storage boxes

These space saving foldable boxes can be used to store everyone’s flip flops or shoes or other items that you just don’t want in the way.

6. Bring “extra” closet shelving

Inexpensive, long and thin material shelving can really add extra space to the small cruise cabin closets. If you think you’ll need extra small shelving for clothing items, consider bringing this.

7. Bring magnetic hooks

More and more cruisers are bringing heavy duty magnetic hooks to place on their cabin walls – which are (get this) metal. After cruising for more than 10 years, it really surprised me to learn that  cabin walls are made of metal.

This means you can bring large magnetic hooks where you can hang sweaters, baseball caps, backpacks and more. A great way to add extra space to a small cruise cabin.

Here are some that are “heavy duty”, but consider the weight you would likely need – favorite large magnetic hooks with cruisers (Amazon link)

best cruise cabin hacks for inside cabins
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8. Bring magnetic clips

Small magnetic clips can be perfect  to keep important papers organized. Things like excursion tickets, invitations to ship events, daily planners and more can all be kept in it’s place with these teeny hooks.

These are some simple ones that work well – Magnetic hooks multi-pack

9. Mesh laundry bags

Bring a pop up mesh laundry bag or two to keep used clothing once it’s worn. You can even store this under the bed until it’s time to pack away.

I like this durable one found on Amazon: Mesh Laundry Bag (click to verify price on Amazon)

Make your inside cabin more comfortable

inside cabin

10. Bring a clock

Many cruise passengers suggest having a small travel clock (where the time lights up) to keep in your cabin. Most cruise cabins don’t have any, so if you prefer not using your phone, pick one up from Amazon before you go.

This one, with large numbers is great – travel clock for cruises

11. Bring a portable fan

Overall, air temperature is pretty regulated and comfortable, however, since you won’t have balcony doors to open to have fresh air, having a small fan might keep the cabin fresher.

Popular portable fan for cruisers – click here to verify price on Amazon

12. Keep your cruise cabin smelling nice

While you can’t bring incense (it’s a fire hazard), go ahead and bring essential oils if you enjoy that. Other options to keep the cabin smelling “better” is a little Pou-pourri bathroom spray (amazon link).

13. Get more light 

As much as it’s great for sleeping, to have a nice dark room, you probably want a teeny bit of light so you don’t stub your toe, or worse, if you get up at night.

We like to keep the light on in the bathroom and leave the door open a crack. Others suggest turning on the TV and getting the bridge view.

Recently someone in my Life Well Cruised Facebook Community suggested these battery powered motion sensor lights, which are a great idea and also reusable. Love it!

14. Hear the ocean

If you think you might miss those glorious ocean sounds, bring a small white noise machine that mimics the sounds of the sea.

A spoke with a fellow cruise a couple of weeks ago that did this when her children were babies, and they love it so much, they’ve continued!

Love it? Here’s one that gets great reviews on Amazon: White noise machine – Ocean sounds and more

15 best tips for organizing an inside cabin
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15. Make it “almost” a balcony

Some Royal Caribbean ships have “virtual balcony” interior cabins. I’ve yet to try this, however cruise passengers report that it is a real time view of the sea, on a virtual screen right inside your inside cabin.

In other words, an entire cabin wall has a projection of sorts of a “balcony view” (rails and all). Pretty cool if you want to get the balcony view for an inside price!

16. Non-surge Protected Power Bar

Another item to remember for any cabin is a non surge protected power bar with extra outlets and USBs.

Regular power strips aren’t allowed on cruise ships, and can be confiscated. These are the ones that are cruise ship approved and therefore recommended: Non-surge protected power bar (Amazon link)

Video: Inside Cruise Cabin Hacks & Tips to Transform Your Cabin


Recap: 15 Best Tips for Cruising in an Inside Cabin: cabin organization and more

I hope that this article was helpful, and has given you some ideas of how you can make the most of cruising in an inside cabin.

Whether you are 2 people cruising in an interior cabin, or a family of 3 or 4, it can be done – and organization definitely helps!

Have you cruised in an inside cabin? What tips do you have to make the most of the small cruise cabin space?

Happy cruising!

Ilana xoxo

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Why You Should Cruise in an Inside Cabin



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