10 Free Things You Can Take from a Cruise Cabin (plus 10 Things You Can’t)

things you can & can't take from a cruise cabin

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There are a few freebies that you’re allowed to take home from your cruise ship cabin. However, if you take others, you can expect a charge to your account once you get home!

While some things might be obvious, others might have you wondering…

In this post I share the complimentary items can take from a cruise cabin, as well as what you can’t bring home with you.

I wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget anything, so I asked avid cruisers in the Life Well Cruised community for their input. Along with the do’s and don’ts, we’ll also look at what cruise passengers admit to taking home as souvenirs and keepsakes.

have you ever taken anything home from your cruise cabin

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Items You Can Take Home from a Cruise Ship Cabin

what you can take home from a cruise cabin

1. Slippers

If you received slippers in your cruise ship cabin, whether worn or not, they are yours to keep. Many cruise passengers bring them home to use or give away.

2. Mini Toiletry Bottles and Bar Soaps

Just like hotel rooms, complimentary toiletries, such as mini bottles of shampoo and bar soaps, can be taken home.

3. Cruise Line Branded Stationery and Pens

Stationery and pens with the cruise line’s branding are allowed to be taken home. In fact, many cruisers said they get a particular pleasure in taking home their favorite cruise line’s pen in their daily life.

4. Chocolates Left on Pillows

While not every cruise line offers this, chocolates left on pillows at night can be collected and taken home as a nice reminder of the cruise. I admit I always collect the little chocolate squares and put them out on a coffee table once home.

5. Wine, Champagne, and Mini Alcohol Bottles

If wine, champagne, or mini alcohol bottles has been left (often a travel agent gift or loyalty perk) in your cabin, these are yours to keep.

6. Complimentary Tote Bags

holland america tote bag

Tote bags provided in your cabin, often with the cruise line’s branding, are allowed to be taken home.

7. Daily Cruise Planners

Daily cruise planners, detailing activities and schedules, are often taken home by cruisers for memories.

8. Corkscrew (Depending on Cruise Line)

If you’ve asked your room steward or a bartender for a corkscrew, it can often be taken home. Small travel sized corkscrews with the cruise line’s branding may be available. Always ask if you aren’t sure if this is free to use onboard only, or can be taken home.

9. Jewel Holders or Charm Bracelets

Some cruise lines will have jewel or charm holders in the cabin, which you can complete at one of the onboard stores. Many cruise travelers say they enjoy collecting the charms and bringing these home.

10. Memories and Photos

The best “free” things to take home are memories and photos taken on the balcony are intangible items that can be cherished and taken home.

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Items You Cannot Take Home from a Cruise Ship Cabin

what you can't take from a cruise cabin

These are items you aren’t typically permitted to take from a cruise stateroom. In fact, many passengers report having been charged by the cruise line.

1. Robes

You might be tempted to take home the bathrobes. However, robes provided in the cabins are not allowed to be taken home, but they can be purchased from the cruise line.

2. Towels

Towels, whether designated for pool or shore excursions, are not to be taken home. Some cruise lines charge for $25 for each unreturned towel.

3. Bedding, Pillows, and Linen

Bedding, pillows, and linen should never be taken from your stateroom.

4. Virgin Voyages Corkscrew

Virgin Voyages has a unique cork screw in the cabin that many cruisers would love to take home! On our Virgin cruise, we noticed it actually had a price tag fixed to it, along with a message that taking it home incurs a charge.

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5. Glasses, Ice Buckets, and Water Pitchers

Glassware, ice buckets, and water pitchers in the cabin cannot be taken home.

6. Binoculars

Binoculars, like those that might be provided on Alaskan cruises, are not allowed to be taken home.

7. Outdoor Blankets (Alaska Cruise)

Cozy outdoor blankets provided on Alaska cruises are for cabin use only and cannot be taken home.

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8. Carnival’s Blue Blanket

Carnival Cruise Line‘s famous blue blanket is not allowed to be taken home.

9. Electronic Items (e.g., iPad)

Electronic items provided in the cabin, such as iPads, are not allowed to be taken home.

10. Cabin Steward

Many cruisers shared in jest how they’d love to take home their cabin attendant, the chefs, waiters etc. Of course cabin stewards are strictly not allowed to be taken home 😉

things you can and can't take from a cruise cabin
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Accidentally Taken Items and Stories

While most people only take home items that are permitted, some cruisers admitted that a few items may have “accidentally” fallen into their luggage.

  • Washcloth (often)
  • TV remotes (in kid’s toys or shoes)
  • Closet hangers (doesn’t usually fit rods in home closets)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, or lotion from dispensers
  • Door stopper
  • Towel Animals (some people thought they could)
  • Towel animals, created by cabin stewards, might be taken home as a memento.
  • Cruise line mugs (better to purchase from the merchandise store)
  • Mugs with the cruise line’s branding, often available in the buffet, can be purchased rather than taken from the cabin.
  • Cruise line umbrella (debatable)

Video: Things You Can & Cannot Take Home from Your Cruise Ship Cabin

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Final Thoughts

Just like hotel rooms, some items found in cruise ship cabins can be taken home. However taking other items isn’t allowed, and can result in extra charges.

What complimentary items do you take from a cruise ship cabin? Have you ever been charged for bringing home something that wasn’t permitted? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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