Do These 13 Things Before Your Leave Your Cruise Cabin Each Day

things to do in your cruise cabin before leaving for the day

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Cruising is different than staying in a hotel or at a resort. Whether you have a port day or sea day, there are a few things you’ll want to do before you leave your cabin each day.

Doing these things will not only make it easier for your cruise cabin attendant to clean your stateroom, but will help you to be better prepared for the day ahead.

If you’re going on a cruise for the first time, this post will help you to be prepared and know what to expect.

In this post I share a cruise cabin checklist of things to do before you leave your stateroom. These travel tips will help you to have a more enjoyable cruise experience.

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Things to Do Before You Leave Your Cruise Cabin for the Day

cruise cabin checklist

1. Used Towel Do’s & Dont’s

After you shower and get ready to leave your cabin, decide what you want to do with your used towels. Now, this isn’t to make your stateroom neater, but it is an indication to your cabin attendant.

Hanging up your wet towels on a hook or over the shower door or curtain means you want to reuse them. Cruise ships, just like hotels, have been encouraging this eco-friendly gesture from guests, but it’s up to you.

If you’d like them to be replaced with fresh towels, place them in the floor. It’s best to put them under the sink area or in the shower area so that they are our of the way as you get ready.

2. Put Your Valuables Away

Don’t forget to put your valuables away before you leave your cabin for the day. You can do this by placing your important documents, passports, money, jewelry, and other valuable items in your cruise cabin safe.

Some cruise passengers like to put their prescription medication in the safe, as they worry it will get lost or misplaced. Don’t forget to close and lock your safe before you leave for the day.

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3. Adjust Your Cabin Thermostat

Adjust the cabin’s thermostat to a comfortable temperature. I usually set the cabin to the coldest setting, as it never really gets that cold in the room.

In fact, it seems much easier to warm up the cabin if the stateroom is cold, than to cool it off if its too hot.

4. Unplug Electric Items

Don’t keep hairdryers & electric razors plugged in while you’re out of the cabin. Be sure to always make sure hair appliances like curling irons are unplugged.

Of course, take special care to make sure hair straighteners and curling irons are turned off and unplugged before leaving your cabin.

5. Do a Balcony Check

If you have a balcony cabin, it’s essential to perform a quick check before leaving for the day.

Ensure you haven’t left any wet bathing suits or items outside, as cruise ship rules discourage leaving objects on balconies. This not only prevents items from blowing into the ocean, but also potential fire hazards.

6. Close and Lock the Balcony Door

If your stateroom has a balcony, make sure to close and lock the door. This might be more important than you realize.

Doing this not only makes your cabin safer and more secure, but also keeps the air conditioning working. Air conditioning often doesn’t run when the balcony door is unlocked.

7. Close curtains

If you have a balcony or an ocean view cabin, consider closing the curtains to prevent excessive heat from entering your cabin. This small action can make a big difference in cabin temperature.

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8. Prepare for Port Days

Before heading off your ship for a port day, it’s important to bring everything you’ll need. Consider preparing a backpack or beach shore excursion bag the night before your port day.

Prepare and gather necessary items such as government identification, shore excursion tickets, money (small bills), a credit card, towels, water bottles, sunscreen, etc.

Don’t forget to bring your cruise card as well. You won’t be able to disembark the cruise ship without it.

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9. Make Up Room Sign

Remember to put out the “Make Up Room” sign before leaving your cabin. Different cruise ships use various systems to let cabin stewards know you’re out and want your room cleaned.

It could be a door hanger, a magnet with “do not disturb” or “make up room,” or even a cabin light switch. If you forget to signal, you might return to a messy room, and your cabin attendant might be waiting instead of doing their own tasks.

10. Tidy Up Your Cabin

There’s no need to clean your cabin before you leave, but you do want to tidy up. While housekeeping attends to specific tasks, such as vacuuming and bathroom cleaning, they aren’t responsible for organizing your personal belongings.

Don’t leave items on the floor or any other big mess that will make it hard for your cabin attendant to clean your room. Take a few minutes to hang up or put away clothes, and don’t leave dirty laundry on the floor.

Remember to put away any intimate items you don’t want touched.

11. Leave You Stateroom Attendant a Message

If there’s something you’ll need from your cabin attendant, leave a note or message on a sticky note or whiteboard.

Perhaps you’d like extra towels, need a laundry bag or have another request. There’s no need to call or wait to see your cabin steward, a written note will work.

You can also report any small issue in your cabin. Keep in mind that urgent or bigger issues will require you to call for maintenance or to guest services.

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12. Empty Leftover Drinks

If you want to return to a clean cabin, remember to empty your used coffee cups and soda cans. It’s rare for housekeeping to throw out even partially filled cups of coffee, cans of soda or water bottles.

A cabin steward once explained to us that some passengers may get mad if they throw these out. They just can’t know for sure if passengers are finished with their drinks or if they are garbage.

We’ve gotten into the habit of emptying our drinks in the sink, and placing disposable cups into the garbage before we leave our cabin for the day.

13. Sea Day Preparations

If you’re staying on the ship for a sea day, you’ll still want to bring a few things with you before you depart your cabin. If you’re on a Caribbean or warm weather cruise, it’s a good idea to prepare a tote bag or with essential items.

A few items to prepare include sunglasses, sunscreen, a swimsuit cover up, a book or kindle and airpods.

Video: Cruise Cabin Checklist: MUST-DO’S Before You Leave the Cabin for the Day

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Final Thoughts on Things Before Your Leave Your Cruise Cabin Each Day

Whether its a sea day or a port day on a cruise, there are a few things to do before you leave your cabin for the day. From putting out your make up room sign to preparing your essential items for the day, this post includes the things that will make your day on your cruise more enjoyable.

Did we miss anything? Please let me know the things you do on a cruise, before you leave your stateroom each morning.

Happy Cruising!


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