10 Absurd Things People Wrongly Believe About Cruises

cruise myths that are false

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Cruising has been a popular mode of travel for many years, yet it remains shrouded in misconceptions. Avid cruisers know that many of these misconceptions are false. However, this may not always be the case for first-time cruisers or potential cruisers.

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding cruising, ranging from concerns about seasickness to unfounded fears of being trapped on a floating prison (yes, I see that comment!). Whether you’re a new cruiser or an experienced one, it’s crucial to debunk these common cruise myths. 

By doing so, you’ll be equipped with accurate information and feel more informed about the reality of cruising.

With that being said, here are 10 absurd things people wrongly believe about cruising.

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10 Cruise Misconceptions People Wrongly Believe

1. Seasickness Scare

Concerns about getting seasick are at the top of the list of concerns for potential cruisers. However, modern cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers and advanced technology to minimize motion, making seasickness an occasional occurrence rather than the norm.

Furthermore, many seasickness remedies help reduce the chances of being affected by the motion of the ocean. 

For example, when needed I take Bonine, an over the counter seasickness medication, to prevent getting seasick. Bonine, dramamine and even natural remedies like ginger can make motion sickness much easier to deal with.

2. Age Stereotypes

Contrary to popular belief, cruising isn’t just for retirees. In fact, Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly embracing cruising. With a wide array of cruise lines catering to diverse demographics, there’s something for everyone, regardless of age.

There are cruise lines and ships that attract a more mature traveller, while others attract families or those under 40.

The Reality

You’ll likely find an older crowd if you sail on longer cruise itineraries and during the shoulder season. However, if you cruise during the holidays or summer, chances are that your cruise will have a lot of younger cruisers.

Furthermore, many new cruise ships tend to attract a younger demographic. Cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Virgin Voyages and Carnival Cruise Line typically appeal to younger cruisers.

3. Swimming Skills

A common misconception among potential cruisers is that you must know how to swim before going on a cruise. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Cruise ships adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring that swimming ability is a non-issue for passengers. In fact, unless you plan on taking a dip in the pool, you won’t have to swim at all during a cruise vacation!

4. Cruises Are Boring

I’ve seen a common statement online that people say cruises are boring. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Sure, some cruise lines may have fewer activities than others. Nevertheless, countless cruise lines have great entertainment, fun activities, and exciting attractions.

Modern-day cruise ships have plenty of great activities, and there is always something to do, making it very hard to be bored on a cruise.

Recently, I sailed with MSC on one of their newest ships, MSC Seascape. This ship was amazing! It had 4 water slides, a thrill ride, a sports court, shows every evening, themed parties, and a nightclub. 

I had a great time on this cruise ship and was never bored!

5. Cruise Ships Are Crowded

Many potential cruisers may have concerns about overcrowding. However, rest assured, there is always a peaceful spot to unwind onboard a cruise ship.

For instance, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas is 220,000 tons and holds over 6,500 passengers. If you’ve never cruised before, you might be wondering how a cruise ship that big does not feel overcrowded.

Royal Caribbean excels in ensuring that activities, bars, dining, and entertainment venues are strategically placed around the cruise ship, effectively preventing any sense of overcrowding.

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of sailing on the Oasis of the Seas. Despite its size, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it never felt overly crowded, a testament to Royal Caribbean’s excellent crowd management.

That said, there are cruise lines and ships for everyone. Some cruise lines just have more space per passenger, and that will make a ship of any size feel less crowded.

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6. Budgetary Concerns

Cruising is often perceived as expensive, but it can be as budget-friendly as you make it. From promotional deals to choosing cost-effective cabin options, there are plenty of ways to cruise without breaking the bank.

As someone who has cruised since childhood, my family always found a way to cruise. In fact, we used to cruise as a family of 4 in an interior cabin!

Sure, fitting 4 people in one cabin was very tight. However, it was an effective way to make cruising affordable, which meant we could cruise more often.

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7. Dining with Strangers

One common misconception is that if you go on a cruise, you’ll have to sit at a dinner table with other cruisers that you don’t know. Understandably, doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Just a few years ago most cruise lines had communal dining, which meant that you sat a table with other guests. However, that is no longer the case and is quite optional.

While some may enjoy shared meals, cruise lines now offer flexibility, allowing passengers to dine according to their preferences. Furthermore, anytime dining is standard on most cruise lines, so you can choose when you’d like to dine.

These positive changes have been implemented in the last 10 years and certainly improve the overall cruise experience.

8. Cruises Are Too Formal

The notion of rigid dress codes on cruises is outdated. While formal nights still exist, many cruise lines have relaxed their requirements in the last few years. These days formal or gala nights are a chance to dress up, but dress codes are not rigidly enforced.

Today, cruise ships have a variety of options; from main dining rooms, specialty restaurants, buffets to casual grills to suit every guest and outfit choice.

This allows cruise passengers to wear comfortable clothing throughout their cruise vacation.

That said, I have fond memories of wearing a tuxedo on formal night during my first cruise as a kid. However, on more recent cruises I’ve worn a suit or a pair of dress pants with a dress shirt for formal nights and fit in just fine.

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9. Falling Overboard

Something I’ve heard many people who have never cruised say is “I don’t want to cruise because I am scared of falling overboard.” In reality, despite the publicity these tragic incidents get, falling off a cruise ship isn’t easy or common.

Railings on a cruise ship are at least chest height. This is just one of the many safety precautions in place on cruise ships.

Sadly, most overboard incidents have occurred when someone has intentionally jumped or when they engaged in risky behavior such as climbing over a balcony railing.

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10. Petri Dish Perception

The misconception that cruise ships are breeding grounds for germs overlooks the strict sanitation measures employed by cruise lines. Cruise ships prioritize passenger health and safety, from regular cleaning to illness monitoring.

On a cruise, several hand sanitation and hand washing stations are placed near eating venues and around the cruise ship. This is an effective way to reduce the spread of germs and sickness.

When you’re on a cruise ship, you’ll notice employees cleaning continuously. Whether disinfecting the elevators, cleaning the bathrooms, or cleaning the dining venues, the crew on cruise ships spend a lot of time keeping the vessel clean.

From our experience and that of many frequent cruise travelers, it would be hard to imagine many land vacations keeping this high standard.

Honorable Mentions:

In addition to these top cruise myths, there are several honorable mentions, including misconceptions about:

  • too many “scheduled activities” (they are optional)
  • too many drunks (there are some who drink and some who don’t – but it’s not a widespread issue)
  • you must get off the ship in cruise ports (no, you can choose to stay onboard)
  • Titanic comparisons (watch not to hit an iceberg)

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Final Thoughts On Absurd Things People Wrongly Believe About Cruises

Despite these persistent myths, cruising attracts travelers worldwide, offering enjoyable experiences and adventures on the high seas. So the next time you hear someone dismiss cruising based on misconceptions, set the record straight and encourage them to try a cruise vacation for themselves!

After all, if you’ve been on a cruise you know that cruising is a fun, safe, and accessible travel option for all. 

Happy cruising!


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