What’s Included on Oasis of the Seas (Entertainment, Activities, Food & Drink)

What’s Included on Oasis of the Seas (Entertainment, Activities, Food & Drink)

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Are you planning an Oasis of the Seas and wondering what’s included? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

I recently went on a cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, and I was impressed with how many free things there are to do, see and eat onboard this amazing cruise ship!

While you can certainly buy beverage packages, specialty dining, wifi and other extras, it’s important to know what’s included on the Oasis of the Seas. It will help you to plan and save money where you can.

With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about what’s included on Oasis of the Seas.

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Oasis of the seas

Entertainment that’s Included on Oasis of the Seas

When it comes to entertainment on a cruise ship, nobody does it better than Royal Caribbean! Onboard the Oasis of the Seas, there is non-stop entertainment and fun things to do for every age.

You can expect big broadway style shows, guest entertainers and much more.

Important to note: Although many cruise ship activities are included, some shows must be reserved in advance once you board the Oasis of the Seas. This can be done very easily by using the Royal Caribbean App.

Here are the shows and entertainment that are free on the Oasis of the Seas:

Frozen in Time Ice Skating Show

Frozen in Time Ice Skating Show on Oasis of the Seas

Frozen in Time is an impressive ice skating show that is performed by ice skaters from all around the world. This show can be found in Studio B on Oasis class ships and is a ton of fun for passengers of all ages.

As a Canadian who grew up ice skating, this show really blew me away! The performers are extremely talented and the show was very exciting.

CATS (Broadway Show)

One of the best things about Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class ships are the Broadway shows. At this time Cats is the show that is playing.

Since this show is a highlight, make sure to plan your dinners around it.

Aqua Show

Oasis of the Seas Aquatheater
Oasis of the Seas Aquatheater during the day

The Aqua Theater is a spectacular venue for Aqua 80, a very well reviewed show! Expect acrobatics and diving set to fun eighties music!

Live Bands, Performers and Comedians

In the evening, you’ll find many entertainers performing around the cruise ship. The acts include live bands, singers, piano players, magicians and comedians.

These shows on Oasis of the Seas are really entertaining and the performers are extremely talented. I really enjoyed the comedians onboard and it was very cool how they turned Blaze night club into a comedy club.

Check out Music Hall for rock and tribute bands or Boleros for a latin band.

Audience Participation Game Shows

Oasis of the seas Love & Marriage show
Love & Marriage Show on Oasis of the Seas

Among the shows that are included on Oasis of the Seas are audience participation or game shows. A can’t miss show is Love & Marriage, where 3 brave couples compete for prizes while entertaining the rest of us with hilarious stories and antics.

Other fun game shows include Friendly Feud, which is held in the Karaoke Bar. Whether you just like to watch or if you like to participate, the game shows are hilarious and loads of fun.

Pro Tip: Check out past Cruise Compasses from Oasis of the Seas, to have a good idea what activities and shows are planned.

Parades and Theme Parties

Oasis of the seas 70s party
Oasis of the Seas 70’s party in Royal Promenade

Royal Caribbean is known for throwing some of the most wild theme parties at sea! On the Oasis, there is a 70’s show in the Royal Promenade which is a huge dance party.

Don’t be shy to bring along a 70’s theme costume to join in the fun!

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Activities That Are Included on Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships in the world so there is no shortage of cruise ship activities to enjoy.

Here are some of the fun, free activities for guests of all ages on Oasis of the Seas:

Pools and Hot Tubs

Oasis of the Seas Pool Deck
Oasis of the Seas Beach Pool

The best part about the Oasis of the Seas is that there is something for everyone. When it comes to the pools and hot tubs onboard, this is no exception.

The Oasis of the Seas has 4 separate pools including a beach style pool and the solarium adult pool. The beach style pool is perfect for families, as it’s next to the water slides and the splash park for junior cruisers.

You’ll also find several large hot tubs in the main pool area.

Solarium Adult Only Pool

Oasis of the seas Solarium Pool
The adult only Solarium Pool is calm and peaceful

If you prefer to be in a more quiet and laid back environment, then you have to check out the solarium adult pool. This area has two hot tubs and a pool with some unique water fountains.

The solarium area is a great place to take an afternoon nap and relax underneath the sun in a calm environment.

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Splashaway Bay and Baby Splash

Splashaway Bay is the kids waterpark onboard the Oasis of the Seas. This area is composed of two separate water parks, Baby Splash which is for toddlers and Splashaway Bay which is for bigger kids.

Baby Splash is a small waterpark with some fountains, a water slide and some shallow water to sit in. This area is great for younger kids who are still very young and very small.

Splashaway Bay is for bigger kids and this area is awesome. This area has multiple slides and a large area for kids to play in.

This area is perfect for younger children, they will have a blast!

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Zip Lining

Oasis of the Seas Zipline Ethan Schattauer
If I can go on the Zipline on Oasis of the Seas, so can you!

If you’re not afraid of heights then you have to check out the Zip Line onboard the Oasis of the Seas. The zip line is 82 feet long and it actually isn’t as scary as it looks!

As someone who loves zip lines, being able to zip line onboard the Oasis was a really cool experience and something that is worth trying.

3 Water Slides

Oasis of the seas Waterslides
3 fun waterslides on Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis of the Seas has 3 big water slides that are super fun, called the perfect storm. The water slides was a great way to cool off on a hot day and a fun activity to do while spending the day by the pool.

The Perfect Storm water slides include two duelling water slides and one champagne style waterslide (or toilet bowl waterslide). They are lots of fun for younger kids, teenagers and adults who are young at heart.

The Ultimate Abyss

The Ultimate Abyss on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, is the tallest slide at sea. This 10 story dry located at the aft of the ship is more than 150 feet above sea level!

This Ultimate Abyss goes from the 16th deck all the way down to the Boardwalk on Oasis of the Seas, right in front of the Aquatheater.

Not only is the Ultimate Abyss very fun, but it’s faster than taking the elevator! If you’ve never been on an Oasis class ship then you have to try the Ultimate Abyss.

Flow Rider Surf Simulator

Oasis of the Seas Flowrider
The Flowrider is included on Oasis of the Seas

On the Oasis, there are two Flow Rider Surf Simulators located at the back of the ship near the sports court. The crew onboard the Oasis are super helpful and will teach you how to ride the surf simulator.

If you’d like to watch and be entertained by those attempting to surf, sit down on the bleachers at the Flow Rider or at the bar right in front of the Ultimate Abyss.

Ice Skating

Oasis of the seas Ice Skating Activity
Make sure to sign up for free ice skating sessions on Oasis of the Seas!

Can you ice skate on a cruise ship? You sure can on this one!

Oasis of the Seas has an ice skating rink, and ice skating is free for cruise passengers. Sign up for the ice skating sessions in Studio B, which includes free ice skates and helmets.

If you want to get out of the sun or are looking for something to do on a rainy day on a cruise, this is cool activity that is included onboard the Oasis of the Seas.

As a Canadian, I loved having this onboard and it was really fun to ice skate on a cruise ship.

Rock-Climbing Wall

The Oasis of the Seas has two 43-foot rock climbing walls. These rock walls are located at the aft of the ship near the Boardwalk.

Rock climbing is great free activity that is included onboard the Oasis of the Seas.

Mini Golf

Oasis of the Seas Mini Golf
Miniature golf course on Oasis of the Seas

If you’re for a laid back classic cruise ship activity, then you are going to love the miniature golf course on Oasis of the Seas.

The mini golf course located behind Port Side Grill and El Loco Fresh, and near the sports court.

Sports Court

The sports court is located on the sports deck right around he Zip Lining, Mini Golf, Flow Rider and Ultimate Abyss. The sports court is a big basketball court which different activities are played throughout the day.

At the sports court there will be activities like basketball, pickleball, soccer and dodgeball. If you like to stay active on a cruise, the variety of sports activities on Oasis are some of the best at sea.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is another cool and free activity that is hosted in Studio B. The Laser Tag is only available a few times throughout the cruise so if you like laser tag, be sure to go when it’s offered.

Unfortunately, we never had the chance to try laser tag on our last cruise, however I hear great things. This will have to wait until we get back on board next time!


Oasis of the seas Boardwalk carrousel
Oasis of the Seas Boardwalk & carrousel – Doghouse on the left

The Carrousel can be found on the Boardwalk and it is a great activity for younger children. It’s a free and really cool attraction to have onboard a cruise ship.

Spotlight Karaoke

If you’re a fan of karaoke, then you are going to love the Spotlight Karaoke Bar. In the evening, Spotlight Karaoke is packed with guests singing, drinking and having a good time.

This is a great spot to just hang out and have a drink in the evening.


If you’re a fan of trivia you’ll find quite a few trivia games played onboard Oasis of the Seas. Finish that Lyric was a fun one played in Spotlight Karaoke in the Royal Promenade. Name that tune and other fun trivia games are hosted in different lounges and bars.

Make sure to check your Royal Caribbean daily planner on the app or on the cruise compass.

Pool Games

During sea days, you can expect classic poolside activities on the lido deck of the main pools. Pool games such as belly flop competitions, water volleyball and Mr. Sexy Legs will be taking place.

These games are super entertaining to participate in or watch from your deck chair.

Lectures, Demonstrations & Port Talks

Oasis of the seas Port Talk
Port Talk in Oasis of the Seas Royal Theater

Cruise ship activities aren’t always physical. There are many interesting things for cruise passengers to learn about on a cruise, from cruise port shopping seminars, napkin folding demonstrations, and more.

Fitness Center

Oasis of the seas Fitness Center
Fantastic Oasis of the Seas Fitness Center

If you enjoy working out, the Oasis of the Seas has a massive fitness center with weights, cardio machines and workout equipment.

In the gym on deck 6, there is also a spin room where you can take spin classes and a conference area where you can attend free seminars on health & wellness.

Pro tip: Pick up fresh fruit smoothies from the Vitality Cafe (for a charge) as well as some nice healthy snacks. Fresh fruit and snacks are free or included on your cruise.


If you love going to the Casino, you’ll be impressed with the Oasis of the Seas Casino Royale. Located on Deck 4 next to Studio B and Blaze, there’s also a “secret” stairway that leads directly to it from the Royal Promenade.

Small Wonders

Oasis of the Seas Small Wonders
One of many “small wonders” on Oasis of the Seas

On Oasis of the Seas, you’ll see beautiful and interesting art pieces and scultures displayed around the ship. Something particulary unique are “small wonders”.

Small wonders are small pieces of art that can be found all throughout the ship and viewed through viewfinders. There are said to be about 40 of these small wonders to be found, which could make for great activity for a sea day or a rainy day onboard.

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What’s Included for Kids on Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean is a family friendly cruise line, and there are so many activities for kids and families on Oasis of the Seas. Teenagers have lots to do on this cruise line as well!

Beyond the daily activities listed on your cruise planner, here are a couple of things you need to know about what is free for kids.

Adventure Ocean

Adventure Ocean, Royal Caribbean’s kid’s club is free for kids ages 3 to 17. There are a a few different kids clubs that cater towards the various age groups onboard the Oasis of the Seas.

As someone who grew up cruising, I absolutely loved Adventure Ocean when I was younger. The kids club on the Oasis is super fun and the staff are very friendly.

Here’s how Adventure Ocean is set up:

  • Aquanauts (3-5)
  • Explorers (6-8)
  • Voyagers (9-11)
  • Teens (12-14)
  • Teens (15-17)

Note: There is a $8 charge for late night child care after 10 pm which goes till 2 am. Additionally, there is a 1:00 PM Curfew for passengers under 18.

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Food & Dining that’s Included on Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis of the Seas has so many different places to snack and dine. Seriously, after being on this cruise ship for a week, I still didn’t get to try every restaurant onboard!

The food is very tasty and there is something to eat for everyone and every taste.

Here are the included restaurants on the Oasis of the Seas:

Main Dining Room

Lobster Oasis of the Seas
Lobster on Formal Night on Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas main dining room is an impressive 3 stories. The main dining room is included in the price of your cruise.

The main dining room is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, although hours may be reduced on port days.

The menus in the main dining room vary each night, however there are usually nice meat, chicken, pasta, vegetarian and seafood or fish options. You also have classic menu options which are available every night.

Pro tip: Check out Royal Caribbean cruise line’s dress codes to plan what to wear on your cruise vacation.

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Windjammer Buffet

The Windjammer Cafe is buffet open on Oasis of the Seas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a lot of self serve food options.

Make sure to check the opening and closing hours, as the hours may be more limited than what you’ve experienced on other cruise ships. Likely this is due to the many, many restaurant options on this cruise ship.

Park Cafe

Oasis of the seas Park cafe
Park Cafe in Central Park on Oasis of the Seas

Park Cafe is a great free place to eat on Oasis of the Seas. Located in Central Park, Park Cafe is open in the morning for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Park Cafe. has a calm and relaxing vibe, which made it our go-to breakfast spot.

At Park Cafe you can get a bagel, egg sandwich, yogourt parfait, fresh fruit, coffee and different pastries. If you like a light breakfast, this is the perfect spot for you.

A great bonus to going to Park Cafe is that you get to eat in Central Park. Central Park is one of the most amazing spots on the Oasis of the Seas, and a beautiful spot to sit down for a casual meal.

Sorrento’s Pizza

Oasis of the Seas Sorrentos in Promenade
Sorrentos Pizza any time of day!

Located in the Royal Promenade, Sorrento’s Pizza is the spot to go if you’re a pizza lover like me.

At Sorrento’s, you will find four different flavors of pizza, plus the option to custom make your own pizza at no extra charge! There is even a nice antipasto plate you can get for some nibbles.

The crew is friendly and the service is really quick so it’s a great place to go for an afternoon or late night snack.

El Loco Fresh

El Loco Fresh was our favorite place for lunch on Oasis of the Seas

El Loco Fresh was my personal favorite spot to eat on the cruise. If you like casual mexican food, than you are going to love El Loco Fresh!

In fact, we joked that we were shocked this was a free food option on Oasis of the Seas – but don’t tell Royal ;-)!

At El Loco Fresh you will find burrito’s, quesadillas, nachos and a make your own taco station. The best part was fresh pico de gallo and guacamole and cilantro.

The food there is amazing and it is located at the aft of the ship right by the sports deck.

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Cafe Promenade

The Cafe Promenade is open 24 hours a day. This free casual cafe located conveniently on the Royal promenade has breakfast, lunch and snack options.

If you love cruise ship cookies, make sure to stop in daily for an afternoon snack. There is also free coffee and tea included at a self serve station.

Dog House

The Dog House is located on The Boardwalk and it is a great spot to get a snack. They have various different types of hot dogs and you can choose your toppings.

Johnny Rockets

If you love a diner breakfast, check out Johnny Rockets, where you can get a free breakfast throughout the cruise. There is an additional charge for lunch, dinner and Johny Rockets milkshakes.

Note: On our recent cruise Johnny Rockets was closed for breakfast, however this seems to not be typical. Please leave a comment if you’ve cruised on this ship recently and it was open.

Soft Ice Cream

If you’re looking for some ice cream, soft ice cream cones can be found on the pool deck. Soft Ice cream is conveniently next to the pool are so it’s easy to get to on a hot day.

Continental Breakfast Room Service

Royal Caribbean Continental room service breakfast menu
Free continental breakfast menu room service

Continental breakfast room service is free on Royal Caribbean. It’s a great idea to order a breakfast room service to eat on your cabin balcony, especially on early mornings when you have an excursion.

There is an additional charge for American breakfast, so be careful when you place your order.

Drinks that Are Included on Oasis of the Seas

While you may want to purchase a beverage package if you plan on having alcoholic drinks, mocktails, soda or specialty coffee, there are many drinks included on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Royal Caribbean free coffee and tea
Free coffee & Tea on Oasis of the Seas

Here are the free Drinks on Oasis of the Seas:

  • Water (not water bottles)
  • Milk
  • Fruit juices & drinks
  • Iced tea
  • Coffee & Tea

Video: 10 Best Things to See and Do on Oasis of the Seas

If you’re planning a cruise on Oasis of the Seas, this video is a must-watch!

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Final Thoughts on What’s Included on Oasis of the Seas

Well there it is! Everything that is included on the Oasis of the Seas.

Onboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas there are so many activities and places to eat that are included, which really makes for the ultimate vacation!

A great thing about the Oasis of the Seas is that you can eat good food and have plenty of fun without having to spend extra money onboard. This is great even if you are cruising on a budget.

Have you been on the Oasis of the Seas or are you planning an upcoming cruise? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


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      That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing the info. Sounds like you had a great place to eat breakfast & I hope you enjoyed your Aqua-suite and cruise.


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