Carnival Cruise Luggage Limits and Restrictions 2024

Carnival Cruise Luggage Limits & Restrictions

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Are you planning a Carnival cruise and wondering about packing and luggage restrictions? Boarding a cruise is very different from boarding an airplane, and so are the luggage limits.

Carnival cruises are less strict than airlines when it comes to what you can and cannot bring on a cruise. However, Carnival Cruise Line does have baggage rules which are important to follow.

In this post I share Carnival cruise luggage limits and restrictions and answer frequently asked questions. We also go over what items are not allowed on Carnival cruise ships.

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How Much Luggage Can I Bring on a Carnival Cruise?

As a general rule, Carnival cruise passengers should bring one piece of luggage for a 3-5 night cruise and 2 pieces of luggage for a cruise 6 days or longer. Additionally, each passenger should bring a carry-on bag for embarkation day, which contains boarding documentation, medications, personal items, and carry-on items.

For your baggage to fit properly in your stateroom, the luggage should be at most 16 inches high by 24 inches wide (140cm x 60cm x 40cm). It should weigh no more than 50 pounds (23 kg).

It’s important to note that airlines may have different luggage restrictions. Always verify if you are flying to the cruise port.

What Is the Luggage Size Limit on Carnival Cruises?

According to Carnival Cruise Line, checked bags should not weigh over 50 pounds. When lying flat, bags can be at most 16 inches high by 24 inches wide. For security purposes, all luggage must be unlocked.

In my experience, Carnival does not weigh carry-on bags or luggage when boarding. While you do want to be careful that your suitcases aren’t excessively heavy, cruise lines are generally not as strict as airlines.

  • Carnival Cruise Luggage Weight Limit: 50 pounds
  • Carnival Cruise Luggage Size Limit: 16 inches high by 24 inches wide (length of the bag does not matter)

Is There a Size Limit for Carry-on Luggage on a Carnival cruise?

On a Carnival cruise, your carry-on baggage must be able to fit in the x-ray machine at the embarkation port terminal. Your carry-on suitcase should also be able to fit under the bed in your stateroom. It’s important to pack a carry-on bag that is easy to transport, as you will be carrying it until your stateroom is ready.

Tip: make sure your travel documents are easily accessible in your carry-on luggage or in a handbag. You will need those important documents during the embarkation process.

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Can You Carry Your Own Luggage on a Carnival Cruise?

Carnival cruise passengers can bring their carry-on size luggage with them when checking in at the cruise terminal. However, if a Carnival guest carries their baggage onboard, they will have to keep their bags with them until the staterooms are ready.

If you plan on bringing multiple pieces of luggage onto the cruise, it’s probably best to check in your bags. Checking in your bags at the cruise terminal is a very easy process, leading to a smoother boarding process.

If you’re a light packer and travel with smaller bags, you will have no trouble carrying your bags onboard. In fact, on my last Carnival cruise, I only packed a carry-on bag and did not check my baggage.

Although there are many benefits to having checked luggage, in this case, going carry-on only on a cruise was a straightforward process.

Can You Bring a Cooler on a Carnival Cruise?

Yes, cruise passengers can bring a cooler on a Carnival cruise. However, a cooler larger than 12 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches is not permitted. Coolers of this size are allowed for storing medications and small quantities of non-alcoholic beverages. Large coolers impede security and the boarding process, which is why Carnival Cruise Line doesn’t allow them.

Unless you need a small cooler to transport medication, it’s best to avoid bringing a cooler. It will be hard to carry a cooler with your carry-on bag, and it will be an inconvenience on embarkation day.

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Does Carnival Cruises Check Your Luggage?

All Carnival cruise ships conduct security scanning of luggage. Luggage and carry-on bags will have to pass through an X-ray screening machine. Carnival Cruise Line reserves the right to confiscate any item deemed dangerous to guests or that can pose a risk to the cruise ship. Carnival states that items that are removed will be disposed of, without compensation.

Passengers are advised to review the Carnival cruise line list of prohibited items before packing, to ensure they do not bring any restricted items on board the cruise ship.

Can You Bring Drinks On a Carnival Cruise?

Yes, Carnival guests can bring drinks onboard a Carnival cruise. However, bottled water, bottled sodas and other bottled beverages are prohibited. However, canned drinks, such as a 12-pack of soda, are permitted on Carnival Cruise Line as long as they are packed away in a carry-on luggage.

Although drinks are available for purchase onboard Carnival Cruise Line, passengers can still carry-on sodas and energy drinks. This is great for cruise passengers who want to save money or limit their intake of canned drinks.

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Can You Bring Alcohol on a Carnival Cruise?

Aside from one 750-ml bottle of sealed wine or champagne per guest above the age of 21, guests are not permitted to bring alcohol onboard the cruise ship. Passengers are strictly prohibited from bringing beer and other liquor onboard their Carnival cruise ship.

Beverage packages are available on Carnival, including CHEERS!, Carnival’s alcoholic drink package. You can purchase the Carnival drink package before your cruise, and save some money, or onboard. Individual drinks including cocktails, beer, wine and champagne are available for purchase as well.

Can You Bring Wine on a Carnival Cruise?

Each passenger above the age of 21 is permitted to bring one 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne onboard their Carnival cruise. The bottle of wine or champagne has to be sealed and stored away inside a carry-on bag for embarkation day.

Guests sailing on back-to-back cruise are permitted to bring two bottles of wine or champagne per passenger above the age of 21. However, the additional quantities of liquor will be stored at the beginning of the cruise.

What Is the Corkage Fee on a Carnival Cruise?

There is a $15.00 corkage fee per bottle for guests who want to drink their wine or champagne in the main dining room or specialty restaurants.

However, many guests will pack their corkscrew in their checked luggage to avoid paying the corkage fee. The cruise line will not charge a corkage fee as long as the wine or champagne is poured before entering the dining venue.

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Can Your Bring Soda on a Carnival Cruise?

Carnival cruise line prohibits guests from bringing bottled soda onboard their cruise ships. However, passengers are permitted to bring limited quantities of canned soda in their embarkation day carry-on bags.

There are also be soda and soda packages (Bottomless Bubbles) available for purchase before and onboard the cruise ship.

Can Your Bring Water on a Carnival Cruise?

Cruise passengers cannot bring bottled water on a Carnival cruise. However, bottled water is available for purchase and pre-purchase before the cruise vacation. Pre-purchased water will be delivered to the guest’s stateroom on embarkation day. Water bottles can also be purchased at the bars or by contacting Room Service.

These days, many cruise passengers bring a refillable water bottle, which can be filled at drink and water stations onboard the cruise ship.

Water bottles are non-refundable, and passengers are allowed to take any unopened bottles off the ship.

Carnival Water Bottle Pricing:

  • A 12-pack of bottled water (500 ml) costs $9.95 USD (plus an 18% delivery fee)
  • A single bottle of water (1.5 liters) costs $3.95 USD (plus an 18% delivery fee)
  • An 8-pack of bottled water (1.5 liters) costs $20.00 USD (plus an 18% delivery fee)

Can You Bring Distilled Water on a Carnival Cruise?

Guest are permitted to bring distilled water onboard the cruise ship, as long as it’s being carried with their CPAP machine. Distilled water is also available for purchase onboard the cruise ship or pre-cruise. To pre-purchase distilled water, contact Carnival’s Fun Shops department.

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Can You Bring a Vape on a Carnival Cruise

Carnival cruise passengers are permitted to bring a vape or vape pen onboard their cruise. However, there are designated smoking areas on all Carnival cruise ships. Typically, smoking is permitted in the casino as well as an outdoor section of the Lido Deck. Designated smoking areas will be clearly marked. Smoking is prohibited in cruise cabins, on balconies, or in public areas of the cruise ship.

All CBD products and marijuana are strongly prohibited on all Carnival cruises.

Can You Bring a Corkscrew on a Carnival Cruise?

On Carnival Cruise Line, passengers are permitted to bring a corkscrew with them onboard as long as it is stored away in their checked luggage or carry-on bag. Passengers who bring their bottles of wine onboard the cruise ship will bring a corkscrew to avoid paying a corkage fee in the main dining room. If you forget to bring a corkscrew, you can ask your stateroom attendant for one.

Can You Bring Snacks On a Carnival Cruise?

Yes, passengers can bring snacks onboard a Carnival cruise. However, certain snacks are prohibited, so it’s important to avoid bringing any snacks that are forbidden. There are even limits to the amount of snacks a passenger can bring onboard.

Prohibited Snacks on Carnival Cruises:

Like most major cruise lines, Carnival prohibits passengers from bringing homemade or pre-cooked foods onboard. Passengers cannot bring any foods that require refrigeration onboard. These food policies are due to safety concerns and to avoid any issues and diseases from unpackaged foods.

Can You Bring a Drone on a Carnival Cruise?

Yes, passengers are permitted to bring drones onboard Carnival Cruise Lines. However, for safety reasons their drones must be held by the Chief Security Officer. This means that passengers cannot use the drone while the cruise is at sea and can only use it while the ship is in a port of call.

If you plan on flying your drone in a cruise port, it’s important to research the drone regulations in that specific port of call beforehand. Certain cruise ports have banned drones and their can be harsh fines and penalties.

Before bring a drone on your cruise, check current rules and regulations on the Carnival website.

Can You Bring a Hair Dryer on a Carnival Cruise?

Onboard a Carnival cruise, hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and shavers are permitted. Personal grooming devices must be used with proper caution. If the cruise line determines that such devices pose a hazard, they will remove them and return them to you on the last night of the cruise.

Carnival does provide hairdryers in the cabin, which are similar to those found in hotels.

How Do You Check-in Your Luggage on a Carnival Cruise?

Checking in your luggage on a Carnival cruise is the same process as all major cruise lines. To begin the process, you will want to print out your Carnival luggage tags and place them in your luggage tag holders.

Each checked suitcase should have a luggage tag attached to it. Your checked bags must follow the size restrictions from the cruise line.

On embarkation day, you must hand off your luggage to the curbside porters. It’s a good idea to give the porter a small tip, as this is customary. Have a few small bills handy for tips on your cruise vacation.

After you drop off your checked baggage, your bags pass through security and arrive at your cabin a few hours later. Overall, it’s a stress-free process, and there should not be any issues.

It’s important to note that the cruise porter is not a cruise line crew member. If you have any issues with the porter, contact the cruise terminal.

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Final Thoughts on Carnival Cruise Luggage Limits and Restrictions

Well there it is, everything you need to know about Carnival cruise luggage limits and regulations!

Whether you’re a new cruiser or an experienced cruiser, it’s important to research luggage restrictions before going on a cruise. With restrictions and rules always changing, it can be hard to know exactly what items you can and cannot bring on a cruise.

Please let me know if you have any Carnival cruise luggage questions or tips to share in the comments below.

Happy cruising!


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